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The Easy 3 Steps to Start Your Online Dropship Business In Malaysia

Start Online Dropship Business In Malaysia

The Easy 3 Steps to Start Your Online Dropship Business In Malaysia

Hei you! Are you looking for how to start your online dropship business in Malaysia?Well,since it is online thing ,you can start and operate your dropship business anywhere you like.

I will just make things easy for you ,i have summarize everything into these easy 3 steps.

The Easy 3 Steps to Start Your Online Dropship Business In Malaysia

  1. Choose Your Products

For a beginner, i will suggest you to sell things that you are familiar with.If you are a gym trainer,sell stuff like supplement ,gym gloves etc.When you get use to the selling/buying process ,you can slowly explore into others niche markets .So often, i see that people sell stuff that they are not familiar with , they cannot tell or explain the details of the products to customer, and this result in no business and eventually this person will give up in online selling.

After choosing what products you gonna sell, contact your supplier and make sure they have enough stock,(in case you sell fast and supplier do not have stock for you,and you will be in deep shit.) check with your wholesaler from time to time to make sure you get to know the up-to-date stock level.

Choose your dropship/whosale products ==>here<==

The Easy 3 Steps to Start Your Online Dropship Business In Malaysia

2. Choose Your Platform to Sell

So you got your products.What is next?Sell them la!

Well ,for beginner ,if you are thinking of setting up your own website to sell your stuff , i will strongly recommend you DO NOT do that now .The reason being is ,a successful traffic magnet website need alot of times and money investment,i really mean A LOT of time and money that you need to spent on doing marketing , developing and maintaining the web site.A much more better options ,will be selling on the existing online platform. Choose any of these online platform and start selling!I personally prefer to sell in Lazada. As in 2016 lazada is having 24,000,000 traffic to their web site. Beside that, Lazada always on trend and come out with some really creative and crazy event to attract buyer to shop at their web site.

To register at Lazada as a seller go here.

Want to know how to register in Lazada?Watch here.

The Easy 3 Steps to Start Your Online Dropship Business In Malaysia

3.Online Marketing

So you got your products ,you got your place to sell , what is next?Tell people around you that YOU are selling those products lo…

For beginner, i will strongly recommend you start your free online marketing in facebook or instagram. Below is some of the statistic of how many Malaysians are using them:

Facebook=1.55 billion

Instagram= 400 million

Well, do not get greedy ,focus on digging the gold in these two platform and you will get you business running at peak.

1.55 billion?come on! Even a good 10% of people buy from you ,you are already a rich ass!

The mistake that i did when im doing my online marketing is that i spread and jump around too often .I post some on facebook,some on instagram,some on twitter some on pinterest etc. And the end of the day, i get too tire and the information is too scattered and my targeted customer cannot see them .So, the lesson is focus and do one thing at a time!

Wana know more on how to attract people to buy your stuff on facebook or instagram?Get one copy of The Master of Social Media Marketing Strategy ,and make tonnes of profit!

Learn how to auto invite all your friends to like your facebook page !Watch it here.






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