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Dropshipping With Lazada – Review

Dropshipping With Lazada - Review

Is Lazada A Scam?

It is very important to know the basic operating system on the platform that you are going to invest in . Lazada has come a long way from a normal online selling platform into the biggest online selling platform in Asia .

Beside that , recently Alibaba is investing $1 billion into Lazada to increase its share in the e-commerce player from 51 percent to 83 percent , and this will bring Alibaba’s total investments into Lazada to over $2 billion. Alibaba said it will buy stakes of certain Lazada shareholders at an implied valuation of $3.15 billion –CNBC .

I have personally buy and sell stuff on Lazada , from both normal and overseas seller .

They are actually do not have much different between both seller , the only different is the time of goods receiving . Overseas seller are selling their products at Lazada ,but their stocks are kept at their country’s warehouse , therefore you might need to wait couple of weeks in order to receive your products . In the other hand , you could receive your goods in a matter of days if your seller is a local seller .

3 types of Seller in Lazada

1.Overseas Seller 

You can easily detect a overseas seller by looking at the information as below . However, the seller might be local seller that that has their inventory overseas , or just a plain overseas business person that sell stuff on lazada .

Dropshipping With Lazada - Review

2. Dropship Seller 

Another seller in Lazada will be dropshipper .Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where your store doesn’t keep the products. Instead, when someone buy a product from you, he/she purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to your customer,without noticing your customer. As a result, a dropshipper never sees or handles the product.

Dropshipping With Lazada - Review

If you are looking for the lowest risk/cost of starting up a business , this is the best business model . In order to dropship using  Lazada you need below tools :

  1. Lazada account (FREE)
  2. Kumoten (FREE)
  3. Easy Store (FREE 14 DAYS TRIAL)

Complete set up tutorial: How To Dropshipping With Lazada Complete Tutorial -NO Bull Shit

3. Business Owner/Affiliate

These are the most traditional seller in Lazada .

Business owner – A seller that owns a business ,with own inventory , shops , warehouse , and staff .

Affiliate – A affiliate seller , sell others people products . Normally they work together with others business owners . Affilliate seller need to keep stocks in order to get higher margin (the more stocks they bought , they higher margin they can get). However, affiliate seller might not own shops , warehouse or staff .

Watch below tutorial on how to apply a Lazada account :

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