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How to start dropship business in Malaysia

How to start dropship business in Malaysia

If you havent know what is dropshipping , you are missing out a great business opportunity .

Dropship is literally a zero cost business .

How does dropshipping works ?

  1. Choose a platform
  2. Choose a products
  3. Market and sell

That is about it . You do not need to keep any stock , no shipping involve . Your supplier will directly ship the products to your customers .

Well , it might sounds easy , however , setting up and running a successful dropship business is not as simple . You need to search for products that are sell-able , have a marketing plan and spent lots of hourse in developing your business .

In this post i will not going to discuss this with you . I will just keep things simple , as how to start dropship business in Malaysia .

Ways to start dropship business in Malaysia .

  1. Semi systematic way

By using the semi systematic way , you do not need to set up your web site , you pretty much need to do everything semi manual .

a) Choose a platform

The platform over here means place that you could look for the products that you want to sell .

i) facebook – Group such as Dropship Diperlukan,    Dropship Wanted Seluruh Malaysia,    Dropshipping

There are many others page and groups that able to supply you products .


I discovered this web site recently . is the an online dropship and wholesaler in Malaysia providing hundreds of items for  dropshipper .

iii) Kumoten 

Kumoten in a way is similiar with , as both of these webs site serve as a platform for user to buy products at a wholesaler price  and auto ship to clients. However , Kumoten is much more comprehensive . It can directly help you to display and sell your products on lazada malaysia .I have written a complete guide on how you can dropship at lazada by using kumoten . Read here 

(please do comment below if you have reliable source of seller that is doing dropshipping )

b) Choose a products

Choose the products that you would like to sell . This stage will be much more complicated that choosing a platform .A lot of research needed to look for the best items to sell . However , over focus on this session might slow your process down , as you might be spending ways too much of time in thinking what is the best products to sell . Honestly , there are no “best products ” to sell .Is all about doing research and taking action .

c) Market and sell

The easiest way to market and sell your products is thru social media such as facebook or instagram . Alot of people fail is not because they fail in the  marketing part , but fail in taking actions and being consistent in doing what they should do .

2. The automatic way

The best way (in my opinion ) to set up and run a successful dropshipping business in Malaysia , is to be able to sell in Malaysia largest ecommerce platform , LAZADA .

Step 1 : SET UP

To start your dropshipping business with Lazada you need below tools :

  1. Lazada account (FREE)
  2. Kumoten (FREE)
  3. Easy Store (FREE 14 DAYS TRIAL)

The view the full set up process please refer here .


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