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Keywords Research On IQOSNOW.COM

Hei guys ,

Thanks you for checking out here . This is the ‘s 1st project ,

Before setting up any business, online or offline , we need to look for how high is the product”s. There are alot of ways that we can search for hot selling.

Below is the method that we highly recommend you to use for keyword searching , and this is also how we came up with the idea of selling iqos skins and covers on

By using above method  ,below is what we get .


As you can see above , there are 16 comments ,506 reaction and 96 shares on post 1, and 49 shares , 20 comments and 284 reaction . Is it good ? Hmm , honestly we do not know , as IQOS is still very new in the market , and we are trying to catch the first wave .

So , what actually is IQOS and why we choose this products ?

IQOS stand for I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking .

How does IQOS works ?

IQOS heats the tobacco just enough to release a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor but without burning the tobacco.

Here’s the key point: the tobacco in a cigarette burns at temperatures in excess of 600°C, generating smoke that contains harmful chemicals. But IQOS heats tobacco to much lower temperatures, up to 350°C, without combustion, fire, ash, or smoke. The lower temperature heating releases the true taste of heated tobacco. Because the tobacco is heated and not burned, the levels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke.

What is there? A nicotine-containing vapor – not smoke – that makes IQOS a smoke-free product that is appealing to smokers. – by

Rational Thought On

We have been planning and working on this idea, and finally we decide to launch,  as we believe that the next wave after vape will be IQOS . As people are getting more health conscious . Hope that we are right !

Will keep u guys posted ..

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