Hei guys , im Hayden here from .

I have enrolled in quiet a numbers of courses online and offline on how to start a online business .

I have joined online business mastery that cost me 3000USD , I have joined how to create a online course that sell , it cost me 2500USD and couple more courses .

All courses are good and it really teach me how to do what it claims . However , one day when I google around , I can get all these courses with the price of 9.90USD .

I nearly kill myself , after knowing this . I started a new online business by using dropshipping business model , I want to learn everything about it , without paying couple of thousands , when I can get everything below 20$ . So this is why I created . this web site is going to show you some of the best courses on helping to start your dropshipping business without burning a hole on your wallet and bank card .

Today I am going to do some interesting experiment . I am to enroll on one of the top course on Udemy , it is called Make Money: The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship course, by tim sharp , it has so far 38,688 students enrolled ,4.6 stars review very high for this amount of students enrolled. It must be good .

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It claims that at the end of the course , I will be able to create a profitable “ the end of this course you will have a profitable eCommerce store which could supplement your existing income or transform your life by giving you your very own online business that could even allow you to escape the 9 to 5 altogether.

That is a good piece of sales pitch . So , what am I going to do is , to set up my own shopify dropshipping store by following exactly what Tim teach in this course . And let see how effective is his method .

I will be updating every single progress on . So make sure that you check out my web site at least once a week .

I also included a direct link to my progress on somewhere down here . So make sure you check it out at least once a week .

If you are looking for the best dropshipping courses with the most affordable price in market , visit

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See you soon.

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