Start Your OWN Online Apparel Store With LOWEST COST | Dropship kick starter

Start Your OWN Online Apparel Store With LOWEST COST

Hei guys ,
Are you looking for setting up your own online apparel shop ,but scare of the risk and high set up cost ?
You are in luck !!!! You can now set up your own online apparel dropshipping shop , with your own t-shirt design with shopify !

In order to complete this mission you need couple of things :

  1. Internet connection (hell yeah!!)
  2. Shopify account ( free trial here)

Step 1:
Log into your shopify account

Step2 :
click on sales channer

Step 3:
Click on visit shopify apps store
Over here you can look for tonnes of apps that you want to install into your shopify store.
These include selling apps that enable you to sell on amazon ,ebay and dropshipping from aliexpress .(guide dropshipping from aliexpress)

Step 4:
Lets search for the keyword “t-shirt “.
Lets choose printify , as i feel that it is much more easy to use . You can try others if you want .

Step 5:
Install printify. It is pretty staright forward.

Step 6:
create your printify account by creating your password .

You are set to go !!

Lets try create our very first products .

Printify provide us alot of variety that you can choose from , from ,t-shirt to hoody  to bags and mugs.

Let’s start your online apparel shop with the lowest risk and cost . Get your shopify free account here .