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Kumoten Dropshipping Platform


Have you hear of Kumoten?Well it get us a while too to find their website as well.

However , after a good research on this website, we found out that they are actually well establish online dropship business.

A Kumoten Dropshipper or Reseller is a person or company who select items from Kumoten catalogue and sells the items online. Dropshippers are NOT REQUIRED to buy the items in advance as stocks. Instead, dropshippers only need to copy and paste the product pictures and descriptions onto their own online store and start promote it. –Kumoten


dropship malaysia

As you all can see ,they have 10954 likes with 4.4 stars of review.I would says a pretty good establish dropship online services.Below i also attached some of the reviews from Kumoten.

kumoten dropship reviews

Kumoten Web Site Analysis:

kumoten dropship malaysia

The basic analysis report by Alexa :

Kumoten ranking in Malaysia is 3973,sites linking in are 2051(site linking simply means getting other sites to link to yours).

kumoten dropship malaysia

According to the analysis,most of the keywords from search engine to kumoten is from the keywords”kumoten dropship” and”dropship Malaysia”.

As a conclusion,

We will suggest to give them a try.Feel free to register at their facebook account.


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