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How To Register and Sell In Lazada?(Bahasa)


Lazada is by far the best platform for online selling(in our humble opinion).They attract  massive traffic to their website through their heavy advertisement and also promotion.If you are looking for online platform to promote and sell your dropship products, Lazada is a perfect place .

Abit of statistic about lazada malaysia ,they are currently sitting strong at no.5 with a massive sites link of 2.9k++.dropshipping-in-lazada

Well ,with the total likes of 16,070,795 ++ and growing strong,lazada is definitely one of the best place to sell your dropship products.

However ,a few things that you might want to be careful.Due to the business nature of dropshipping, it is very important to have the latest stock level update from your dropship/wholesaler supplier. If you fail to deliver your products (out of stock or other reason) you might get a fine by lazada. Another thing that you might wana be aware is the shipping method. Lazada itself on default will fix the goodspick up address same as the warehouse address that you key in during registration.Well , unless you are keeping stock and have your own warehouse ,it is very important to let lazada know that you want to “self shipping” instead of using lazada’s carrier service.

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