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The REAL Reason Behind YouTube Video Annotations

YouTube to Stopped Video Annotations Because It Is STUPID .

For youtube noobie you might not know what the heck is annotations .

When you watch videos , those youtuber  will ask you to “CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE?” Well, they’re called annotations and they’re being replaced with what YouTube calls “End Screen and Cards” .

Why Youtube Shut Annotations  Down ?

YouTube mention that this step taken because  annotations just didn’t work on mobile and most viewers found them annoying and  not helpful .

What about the old Annotations  that youtuber put up ?

Well the existing annotations will continue to run when using the desktop browser version of YouTube.

When The Changes of Annotation to End Screen and Cut Start ?

The change takes effect on May 2nd 2017.

Annotation Actually Getting Alot of Response and CLICKS!

Do you know that actually annotation was getting alot of clicks ?

A majority of viewers click on   annotations only to CLOSE them ! So the boxes don’t disrupt  the  playing video .

Watch video below on how to use Youtube End Screen On your video.

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