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How To Find Profitable Niche to Sell In 2018 In 3 Simple Steps?

1.Look at What You Are Good At and Find Problem  Look At Your Interests and Problems

By doing this, you’ll easily find a niche that’s profitable. For example , if you are a fitness coach , and you have exceptional knowledge to help people to lost weight , use this ability to generate income. Second part , there are tonnes of weight loss “solution ” out there , from pills to eggs diet . Find the real problems that people are facing when losing weight , and use your expertise to solve this problem . For example , 10 minutes fat burning workout (for people that do not have time to workout ), Juice diet (for people that do not know how to eat healthy) .

As I talked about earlier in the guide you might want to pick something you are interested in or knowledgeable about.

So grab your notepad and a pen (or open your Word document) and record all your hobbies and interests to begin with in one list.


2. Spend A Day or more on writing how are you gonna run it.

So , you have an idea what to sell , but you also need to know HOW to sell it . Marketing is all about identifying your customer , and supply the product that they demanded . If a product is no demand , you are just wasting your time . So , do your survey , post your question on forum and ask about what would they like to have or learn more about weight loss . Use those answer to create your products .To find more tricks how you can use your social media to increase your sales and traffic use the social media domination method .

3. Sell by Following Trends & Markets On These Websites

a) Google trends & Youtube

b) Yahoo trends 

c) Amazon



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