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What The Heck Really Is OBERLO ? ( This Is The Truth !)

how does oberlo earn money

Hei  peeps , i hope all of your dropshipping business are going smooth ass . For those who havent started anything yet , is ok , it is good to survey around and do your research before investing your money in any business . However , time do not wait for you ya .REMEMBER THIS .

So , Oberlo has been gaining more and more popularity in the dropshipping community . I did some intense research on this platform , so now let me share with you what the heck actually is Oberlo .

Oberlo is a platform that able to help you to do dropship with Aliexpress . But Oberlo , CANNOT work alone . It must be use TOGETHER with shopify .

OBERLO = Dropshipping function

SHOPIFY = Web site to sell your products

This is all about Oberlo literally  !

So , when you join Oberlo , you need to set up a Shopify account .With shopify , Oberlo is useless .

what the heck is oberlo

What is the Total Cost Of Oberlo and Shopify ?

Oberlo is offering free sign up for up to 50 sales order in a month  and 500 products .

The basic plan for Oberlo will be $29.90 monthly , and pro will be $79.90 .

Remember that Oberlo need to work with Shopify ?

Shopify plan will be :

Lite Plan – $9 per month + a Buy button
Basic Shopify Plan – $29 per month + 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction
Shopify Plan- $79 per month + 2.6% and 30¢ per transaction
Advanced Shopify Plan – $299 per month + 2.4% and 30¢ per transaction

Others cost :

Domain name for your website “$12 per year (depending on what domain )

For more details about Oberlo plan click here

So ,total sum for a month you need to spent on Oberlo and Shopify will be :

Assuming that you are getting the pro plan on Oberlo and Shopify Plan for Shopify and your domain name is $12 .

Oberlo pro plan $79.90 + Shopify Plan $79 + Domain Name $1 ($12 /12 months ) = $159.90 per month .

And it will be $159.90 x12 = $1918.80 per year

Well ,~ $2000 to start a business and run for a year not too bad right ?

for more details about shopify plan click here

Does Oberlo really works and can earn good income ?

To be very honest , im not too sure about it . However , there are some case study that you could have a read ,just go here . Based on the Oberlo dropshipping concept , it provide a near to auto pilot dropshipping system . The process on how does Oberlo works will be :

1) Sign up Oberlo for Free here 

2) Set up Shopify Free trial here

3) Upload the products that you want to sell from Aliexpress

4) Set your own price.

5) People order from you , you earn the money from the differences between your supplier and your marked up price .

It is just that simple on how actually Oberlo works !

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