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Top 3 Dropshipping Software Review 2017

real best dropshipping software review

Hei guys , in today article , im going to review  some of the popular dropshipping softwares that available in the market .

Note that , not all dropshipping software listed below ,i have used or experience before , some are just the review that i get from the internet .


1) Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly

dropshipping software review

This is one of the hottest dropshipping software available in the market . Im not the affiliate for this product , i research all over the web to give you the best honest review .

This dropshipping programme  claims to give you all of the training and information necessary to run a drop shipping business online. According to Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly is a great programme for dropshipping newbie . As he will  give you step by step clear instruction on how to start a dropshipping business , from finding the niche to selling off the products .However , it is not so much for someone that already running a droshipping business .

” I think it’s a great way to get started if you don’t know anything about drop shipping, but for anyone who has done it before it isn’t really necessary. I do like the theme, app and forum they have going on, but he is now asking around $1k-$2k for the membership fee and it’s way out too high for me to think about.  –Trevor

2) Oberlo + Shopify 

Top dropshipping company review

So , the next popular dropshipping software is  Oberlo and shopify . What exactly are these ? I signed up a free Oberlo account and paying for my shopify account . OBERLO is an automatic software that linked with aliexpress .This software will help you to grab  the products that you want to sell from Aliexpress , and push it to your Shopify shop to sell .

And you are done ! Yes It is just that simple . Let watch below video on how easy it was , to start your dropshipping business with Oberlo and Shopify .

However , be aware that Oberlo CANNOT work alone , you must have Shopify  . It sucks ! Although Oberlo is giving out lifetime free account , the cheapest shopify account will cost you $29 per month . Well , it is not that expensive to start a business . Shopify do offer free trial account , however , i feel like punching the shopify founder , HARD !

Their free trial is password protected ! And this mean , YOUR customer need to have the password in order to view your shop .To unlock the password protection function , you need to buy their plan .Is just BS . Come on Shopify ! If you want to give things out for potential customer to try out , give it sincerely and generously, if not just keep it with your self !

Another problem dropshipping with oberlo and shopify is that , the original price will be shown on the parcel . So , your customer will know the original price of the products that you are selling !

Below are the products that i ordered from my own dropshipping Shopify account as an experiemnt. Im shock as the the price shown is the price that i buy from Aliexpress ! If my customer know this , im screwed ! Therefore , please take note that , do not forget to inform your seller to NOT put the original price .

best dropshipping software review

best dropshipping software review

Maybe im just bad luck .

Join Oberlo for FREE here .

Join Shopify for FREE here

To watch the step by step guide of how you can use Oberlo+ Shopify +Aliexpress to start your dropshipping business for free , watch here

3) Salehoo

real best dropshipping software salehoo review

Salehoo is a wholesale supplier directory  that connects dropshippers to suppliers. This is New Zealand company has suppliers from countries such as the United States, UK and Australia on their platform.

What does this salehoo dropshipping software give you?

This dropshipping software provide you the  sourcing tool to connect with suppliers, manufacturers and liquidators to get access to products at wholesale prices that you can sell to consumers. Some of the common platform to sell those products will be eBay, Amazon or Etsy to turn a profit.

Salehoo also offers website templates so dropshippers can start their own online store via their platform.

Salehoo ,definately is not a scam . Lets dig a little bit deeper .

Salehoo has over 2.5 million different products .

Salehoo in numbers:

a) 8000 suppliers
b) 5 million products
c) 100 countries represented
d) 100,000 registered users

Beside that ,Salehoo also has some of the big brands like below .

real dropshipping software review


What is the downside about Salehoo dropshipping software ?

  • Competitive to sell brand name products – The biggest downside to selling brand name products is that customers can usually find the products cheaper on the brand’s website or on Amazon.
  • Product database is small – At first glance, a directory of over 1.6 million products sounds high. However, when you factor in how many niches there are, the number is actually quite small.
  • Most sell on eBay or Amazon which is overcrowded – The ability to sell products on eBay or Amazon is amazing. However, when you’re a dropshipper, they’re the worst places to sell your products. You’ll be competing on price with other dropshippers and even the manufacturer.

To find out more about Salehoo click here

real best dropshipping software salehoo review

To sum things up , im not an EXPERT or master in dropshipping . I love online businesses and also love to know how things works . Dropshipping is just like others businesses . It needs time to build , it needs to be nurture with passion . If you think that dropshipping is the Get Rich Fast scheme , than you are at the wrong trip mate .

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