Getting Started With Your Business Goal Setting

The best advice for goal setting




Goal setting is a vital part of starting your business . I should says that , setting a goal should be the very things to do , before anything else . Goal setting is just like a destination that you want to reach at the end of the day . Without a clear destination/ the place you want to go , it is not worth to fasten your seat belt  and drive away . Because you will ended up in no way.

 Without a clear destination/ the place you want to go , it is not worth to fasten your seat beat and drive out .

Goal setting helps you focus and  build a bridge that can guide you from where you are sitting right  now to where you want to be in 6 months , 12 months or even 5 – 10 years time.

Below is some of the usefull tips that you must know while setting your goal for your online business.

Step 1: Start with a mission
The first stage of goal setting is about considering everything that you want to achieve in life . It doesn’t matter your mission are small or big .Your mission could be as small as buying your first running shoes to a bigger mission like buying a house . Write down what you want to achieve in your life .

Step 2: Throw Everything Out 
I mean throw everything out from your heart . Do not let anything or anything to restrict your dreams , who you want to become in the future . Do not let anyone to restrict your full potential of being someone better . If your goal is to be successful entrepreneur , write it down. If your goal is to earn 5million in 5 years time , write it down . Remember this ,”if your goal is not big enough to scare you , your goal is too small .” .

“if your goal is not big enough to scare you , your goal is too small .” 

Step 3: What Do You Have On Your Table
So you have your missions , you know what you want to achieve deep down into your heart , now , lets look at what are the options do you have . Starting up an online business is by far the best option that i will recommend to you all . Due to the fact that you could do it while you are still working on your daily job  . No matter what industry are you in , fitness , selling clothes , insurance or real estate agent . Things that you might need to consider before venturing into an online business will be , time that you can commit , financial status , your supporting circle etc.

Step 4: Create a Plan

So , you have step 1 – 4 sort it out . Now what you need is to create a plan . Do not worry about “what if ” the plan doesnt work , “what if” this happen ,”what if” that happen . At the end of the day , we will be regret more on the things that we dint do , more than the things we achieve . So , write down your plan and execute it .

Step 5: Focus on Today
Yesterday already past , and we could not change  . Tomorrow is unpredictable , and we cannot do anything about it . So ,what can we do is to fully utilize the present ,TODAY. Start doing everything NOW .There is no future , your future is TODAY . Whatever ,your future going to turn up to be ,success or fail , is all depends on what you do TODAY .

So ,TODAY is your FUTURE .Start taking action now !


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