Hottest Things To Dropship in 2018 – Lazada and Aliexpress

Each year there will be something that will make a niche group of people millionaires.

Still remember the fidget spinner by Catherine Hettinger ?It is one of the hotttest things to sell online this year ,2017 .

hottest things to sell online in 2018

Now , let take a look on what will be the hottest things to sell in 2018 .

  1.  Anti Theft  Smart backpacks .

Smart backpacks that has anti theft and usb charging function are getting more popular .The bag allow travelers to charge their tablets, game consoles, smartphones and other gadgets on the go. This niche market is gradually becoming saturated. But a quick search on Lazada and aliexpress shows that despite the fact that there are many products listed under this category, most of them are quite popular.

So , if you are dropshipping on aliexpress ,i hope you are , (if not you are going to lost some of the golden opportunities to make money) you can get the bag packs for around RM58 and sell it on Lazada at RM 89 ,or your own web site, so pretty much u earn about RM31 .

Learn how you can dropship from aliexpress for free – How To Dropshipping With Aliexpress Complete Tutorial -NO Bull Shit

2. Ear wax removal kits

I have been getting tonnes of facebook ads pop up on this ear wax removal kits thinggy recently .And it excite me to do some research on this products.The result surprised me !

top products to dropship in 2018

Ear wax removal kits demand have been on the increaseing over the past few years . But if you notice in year between 2014 onwards ,there is  a huge jump and 2016 and it shows no signs of slowing down. Now , lets look at the dropshipping price and how much you can earn . In aliexpress it is selling for RM5.40 with free shipping , and some of the sellers are selling RM19.32 in Lazada .You earn RM 13.92 per piece. Not bad right ?You earn about 42.7%

hottest things to sell online in 2018

Oh ya , if you are looking to dropship on Lazada , i have make a free How To Dropshipping With Lazada Complete Tutorial -NO Bull Shit tutorial for you .

3 .Wireless Smart Phone Charger

What is the next cool things that everyone is crazy about ? The wireless smart phone charger ! How cool will it be to charge your phone without all those long ass wire ? Lets see what how much we can earn from dropshipping this products .So , in aliexpress , it is selling for about RM27.30 with free shipping . And in lazada it is selling RM29.90 .So pretty much u are earning a mere RM2.60 per units. Well , for normal seller , it seems like not really can make big money. However, let me tell you this , with the price of RM29.90 , and there are not much of competition right now , the faster you start and sell it , and soon you will be the pioneer .One unit you are earning RM2.60 , how many people in Malaysia are using a RM 2000 above’s smart phone ? I would says more than the time you pees in your whole life ! Only a fraction of people that buy from you , you are the next big people in Malaysia .

hottest things to sell online in 2018

4. Electric Skateboards and E-scooters

Electric Skateboards and E-scooters dropship 2018

While  hoverboards, became obsolete due to fire hazard and copyright issues, electric skateboard niche market is growing steadily . I cannot find any seller yet on Lazada(as at 1/12/2017) maybe i missed out , so i look into shopee.

hottest things to sell online in 2018

As you can see above , you can get the electric scooters for about RM 913.20 , and sell it for RM1299 in shopee . It is still a good money to earn .

5. Minimalist Wallet

The term minimalist has gain alot of attention recently . Minimalist pretty much mean simple .Minimalist wallet has been gaining popularity in this year , and i predict next year it will be a bomb !

hottest things to sell online in 2018

As you can see here in aliexpress it is selling about RM36.20 and in lazada , it is selling RM98 , so you earn RM61.80 per unit. Sounds pretty good right ? Hell Yeah!

Lets make 2018 a great year again ! See you at the top .

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How To Dropshipping With Aliexpress Complete Tutorial -NO Bull Shit


How To Dropshipping With Lazada Complete Tutorial -NO Bull Shit

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