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Starting A Multi-Channel Selling In Malaysia for Your Online Dropship Business

Starting A Multi-Channel Selling In Malaysia for Your Online Business

Hei guys , i hope all of you are enjoying all my blog post so far !

Why do you need to sell your products in multiple channel ?

To earn more money la of course . Selling in multiple channel simply means that selling your products or listing your company in various platform to sell your products/services .

Why do you need to do so ? Imagine this , listing and selling your products in multiple channel ,is like opening multiple branches for a physical  shops .One shop at klang , one in PJ , one in KL , one in Sunway . The more shops you have , the more exposure you get , and hopefully more sales you can earn .

The different between online and offline branching ?

Selling in multiple channel online is muchhhhhhhhhhhh more cheapppppper that opening a physical branch offline !

 In this post I will share four reasons why you should start multichannel selling today.

a)More reach and exposure

As we discuss earlier , more branches = more exposure = MORE SALES $$$

That’s why you’re in business, right?

If you sell across your own website, social media channels, and online marketplaces, you can triple or even quadruple your exposure.

Greater exposure means more sales.    

b)Reduced business risk

“Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket”. Well, it applies to ecommerce as well.  Imagine this , what if some drastic changes were to happen to the channel that you rely most on? The sudden shut down of the web site ? Or if the ecommerce plat form is not selling your products well ? Spread your bet !


c)Reduced marketing cost

One good thing about online marketplaces is that they do the marketing for you. For example ,Lazada will help you to promote your products . They are  bringing in great targetted traffic, people that want to buy your products !  How much would you think you need to spent in order to get those potential buyer ? And can you do online marketing better than the Lazada professional marketing team ? So , get a platform like Lazada and dropship your products there .

Learn How To Dropshipping With Lazada Complete Tutorial -NO Bull Shit

d)Repeat customers

The tricks over here is you can leverage on online marketplaces to help reduce that cost of getting new customers and focus on turning customers into repeat customers.

Popular marketplaces like Lazada is already a gain a good reputation brand in online ecommerce .Consumer trust lazada in buying and selling their products.

By listing your products on lazada marketplaces, customer won’t much have second thoughts once they decided they want your product.

You can use the after sales service to create a lasting impression and encourage them to become repeat customers. Provide bonus such as coupon code for discounts when purchase through your online store, in the shipment.

Learn How to register and sell in Lazada .

Where to Sell your products ?

1)Create your own Web site

Owning  a web site is like owning a company . It gives consumer confidence in your products and also more exposure for your business .

There are alot of web site builder that you can use out there to build your e commerce . However , i will recommend easy store . The reason of using easystore to build your dropshipping online business is as below:

a) easily to create & manage your online store and sell online  .

b) Cheap setting up price RM 32.50 per month (come with free trial) , is about RM 1++ per day . The cost of One piece of roti canai !

c) The biggest advantage on using easy store is that you can DIRECTLY dropship your products and sell at Lazada !

Learn How To Dropshipping With Lazada Complete Tutorial -NO Bull Shit

Get your easy store free trial here , and experience the beauty of owning a web site.

2) Social Media and dropshipmme .

Seller commonly sell their products on social media platform such as facebook , twitter and instagram .

The main goal of dropshipmme is to help seller to get more exposure to the market . We help local dropship seller to promote their online business . For advertisement inquiry visit here .

3) Top Malaysia Marketplace to Sell 


b)11 street


d)Shopee Malaysia

e)eBay Malaysia

f) EZBuy Malaysia

g) Qoo10 Malaysia

Please comment below on what else do you use to promote your online dropship store .C YA




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