how to sell in lazada malaysia

hei guys , i am weng here ,in this video , i am going to show you how you can use easy store and kumoten to search for your dropshipping products , and sell it on lazada and others online market place in Malaysia.

I am not going to show you how to set up a lazada account , as i have already make a video about it. Feel free to check it out at the link provided below , or comment below ,and i will share the link with you.

How to Sell In Lazada -Malaysia

Step 1 :Setting Up Easystore for dropshipping
Now , go to dropshipmme.com and click on the easy store for dropshipping tab , it is an affiliate link ,and i will
get commision if you purchase any plan from it. when you are inside easystore , just click on the free trial tab . Key in all the details
needed . It is best to have your store name prepared before this .and click on create store and you are done ! You can go throu everything here if you want.

Step 2: Setting up Kumoten for Products Sourcing
Now lets add some products by using kumoten .Click on install apps .and it will bring you to this page.So if u do not have a kumoten account is ok,
it will takes seconds to set it up.Just fill in everything here and click register ,and you are good to go. Now back to your easy store page .Insert your registreted
kumoten email address and sign in.You should received a verification email in your inbox .You can go through the introduction here if u want .

Step 3:Posting Your First Dropshipping Products On Easystore
Lets learn how to post your first products to your easy store shop by using kumoten, and start selling.
Click on the products button on your left .Choose the products that you want to sell and click on it ,and add to my store.
After that go to my store tab , and click on the products , and choose sync to easy store. Great job.Now lets go back to easy store, and click on all products .Ta daa! your products is here , and you can edit watver u want, including price.

Step 4: How to Dropship and Sell On Lazada and others Online Market Place
The next step will be learning how to sync easystore with lazada ,or others market place such as lelong and 11 street .Bear in mind
that you need to have an active account on the platform that you wanted to sell, in order to get things done .
Just go back to kumoten , and select integrate with marketplace.Select and fill in all the information needed and you are good to go!

I hope this guide is able to help you in starting your droppshipping business with lazada and others platform by using easy store.
Feel free to comment below on what do you need from me , and i will try my best to help you up.Thanks

To start your dropshipping business with Lazada you need below tools :

  1. Lazada account (FREE)
  2. Kumoten (FREE)
  3. Easy Store (FREE 14 DAYS TRIAL)

Sign up your free account now before progressing to next step  Easy Store,  Kumoten  , Lazada account

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