Dropshipping IS A SCAM !!!

Dropshipping IS A SCAM !!!

If you are getting hooked by the from $0-$5000 in 9 hours or spent 5 minutes a day and earn $1000 everyday shit, YOU ARE GETTING INTO A REAL BIG SHIT !

Why Dropshipping Is A Scam?

It is a scam when you believe in those getting rich fast dropshipping scheme when you choose to believe the youtube video that promised $0-$5000 in 9 hours, BLINDLY, without understanding what is dropshipping.

When you do not understand how does a business works, it is a risky business.

The very first thing that I would like you to understand is that dropshipping is a 100% legit business. It is a BUSINESS, so it does require all the effort that needed to build a business.

Below are the elements that you need to learn in order to make a successful business:

  1. You need to learn how to market your product
  2. You need to know how to do product market research (supply/demand)
  3. You need to know where to get the reliable supplier
  4. You need to know how to set up tax and shipping
  5. You need to know how does SEO works
  6. You need to start blogging
  7. You need to know what prices to put
  8. You need to have a business plan

Above are the most basic needs in order to build a successful business, AND you need to learn all this as well, in order to MAKE YOUr DROPSHIPPINg BUSINESS A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.

So, dropshipping is not a spend 5minutes a day and earn $1000 a day kind of things.

Yes, eventually you can, maybe after a couple of months or years of hardwork .

Dropshipping is a scam when you choose to believe the $0-$5000 in 9 hours or spent 5 minutes a day, and earn $1000 everyday shit, as a beginner dropshipper.

I have written an article called Can Dropshipping Really Earn Money? You can have a read to have a better understanding of how does drop shipping works.

In sum, dropshipping is definitely not a scam, but if you choose to believe that dropshipping is an easy way to make money in short time, or if any youtuber tell you that you can earn thousands of dollars in short 5 minutes everyday then, you are SCAMMED!

I have written a complete Dropshipping Dissect article over here.

I  believe that nothing comes easy in life. Get your ass out there, and work hard.


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