Cara Buat Duit Melalui Program Affiliate Lazada Tanpa WebSite Dan Zero kos

Cara Buat Duit Melalui Program Affiliate Lazada Tanpa WebSite Dan Zero kos


Belajar Cara Mula Sell On Lazada Dengan Dengan Dropshipping

Cara Buat Duit Melalui Program Affiliate PERCUMA Lazada Tanpa WebSite Dan Zero kos .

Selamat pagi , hari ini saya nak kongsi bagaimana anda boleh buat duit melalui programe affiliate percuma Lazada tanpa website dan kos.

Apply a free lazada affiliate account ,just go to Involve asia .
Go to publisher sign up and key in your email and click on sign up.

So when you done ,you will need to click on the verification email on your inbox. You need to add property , propertY adalah tempat yang awak akan promote affiliate lazada .

So ini adalah tempat atau cara-cara yang anda boleh promote lazada affiliate.

Website , content website ,what we want to use is influencer .
So on the platform url column just put in your facebok url or your facebook page name .For example my facebook is ,or

After registered ,you need to go to browse merchants ,and apply for lazada affiliate .

Just type on lazada over here , and you choose individual country like malaysia or all the
country that supported by lazada ,such as lazada singapore and indonesia.

Click on apply on the which country”s affiliate lazada you want to promote .opps , you need to wait
for about 48hours for your involve asia account to be approve.

After everything approved , you have 2 options to promote and earn from lazada affiliate .
1) Promote and share a general lazada affiliate link
2) Promote and share an individual product affilite link

I personally prefer the second wan ,but we are going to learn both .

Go to browse merchants , typpe in lazada and generate link ,copy the link and paste it into your facebook page or facebook profile and you are done .When people click on the link it wil bring them to lazada main page.

The seconds method will be promoting an individual product .to this , just go to advanced .

On this insert destination URL collumn what you need to do is copy and paste the product url that you want to prmote on lazada. for example , i want to promote ths lemon grass oil , all i need to do is to copy this url up here ,and paste it on the insert destination URL column , you can choose whatever product you want , i wana sell ths watcson heel crack cream , all i need to do is just copy this url up here and paste it on insert destination url and press on generate and then i need to copy this code over here and paste it into my facebook page or profile.

When people click on it , it will direct them to the exact product page in lazada .When people click and buy you will get the commision .

This is how you can earn money from lazada affiliate programme with zero cost and without a website.

And when people click on the link and buy the laptop , you will earn a commission.

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