Cara Mudah ,Rakam , Edit Video Youtube Untuk Pemula - Adobe Premiere ,Audacity ,Apowersoft screen recorder | Dropshipmme .

Cara Mudah ,Rakam , Edit Video Youtube Untuk Pemula – Adobe Premiere ,Audacity ,Apowersoft screen recorder

Cara Mudah Edit Video Youtube Untuk Pemula - Adobe Premiere ,Audacity ,Apowersoft screen recorder

Cara Edit Video Youtube Untuk Pemula – Adobe Premiere ,Audacity
Dalam video ini saya akan mengajar Cara yang saya guna untuk
Edit Video Youtube dengan adobe premier , audacity untuk pemula youtuber .

You need 3 things to start edit your youtube video :
1) A powersoft screen recorder
2) Adobe Premier untuk sound and video recorder
3) Audacity untuk sound recorder dan edit


a) Apowersoft screen recorder 

b) Adobe Premier Download

c) Audacity



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Apowersoftware Free Online Screen Recorder Download


A powersoft screen recorder adalah software yang free , dan sangat senang untuk digunakan . Best untuk people yang baru start youtubing .

A power soft is a 100% free online screen recorder tanpa watermark .

Screen yang awak tengah tengok sekarang , recorded dengan free software ini .

Awak boleh download software ini ,ataupun start recording online jugak .
– Ini adalah stop and pause button . Awak jugak boleh guna usb camera ini , where most gamers youtube guna ,main dota or league of legend and show their face on the screen at the same time .
– Lepas itu awak jugak boleh tulis dalam screen dengan free software ini. Chun kan.

In my opinion ini adalah sofware rakaman yang paling sesuai untuk youtuber pemula .

Next you are going to learn what microphone that i use for my youtube video .

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-All you need is a free software called audacity .You can download it from its official website .
This is a 100% free software .Most of the youtuber beginner to even the advance level are using this software as well.

All you need to do after plugin your snowball microphone , click on this red dot button
and your microphone will automatically capture the voice to audacity. Lets have a try .


-As you can hear it , the background noice is quiet heavy over here. You can use audacity to remove some of the background noice as well.
-Just highlight the background noice , go to effect and noice reduction. Click on get noise profile , and ok. And then select all audio wave and repeat the whole process again , but without click on the get noise profile . Instead , just straight click on ok. As you can hear the wave and voice are much smoother now compare to just now. Let”s listen to both of the voice again .

Adobe Premier Video Editing Software

Adobe Premier Video Editing Software  

Next you are going to learn Cara Edit Video Youtube Untuk Pemula .
Software yang saya guna untuk edit video dalam youtube saya adalah adobe premier .
awak boleh download adobe premier dari website ini , and it cost you about 14.94 usd per month , if you are serious on your business , it is worth investing .
If you do think you can effort it , you can google for crack adobe premier . But use it
on your own risk. I am 100% do not encourage anyone to use crack.

-After download ,you should be able to see similiar page , depends on your version .Click on new project .Just put a name for your project.
– Lets try to do some simple editting to my video , so you get to learn abit on how to edit your youtube video.and you can start doing it now .
-Just drag and drop the video that you want to edit to adobe premier .

-As you can see over here , the first couple of seconds of the video is just doing nothing , so we want to clear it off.
-What you need to do is to click on the blade icon , and cut it off . after that click on the part that you want to cut off from your video.
-Right click on your mouse and select clear or press on delete button on your keyboard .and it is done.

– Next thing that i want to do is to add a introduction page for my video . Just go to title and add new title , default still.
-Those are the fonts options that you can choose from . I just going to randomly pick wan. Lets write it as subscript to my youtube channel weng honn. And lets put an youtube image to the front page as well .

-Very easy ,all you need to do is to drag the imej and drop it above the image . double click on the imej to resize and move it if you need to , and you are done !

Ini adalah Cara basic Edit Video Youtube Untuk Pemula dengan Adobe Premiere , Audacity .

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