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$20,000 Amazon Affiliate Site – thisiswhyimbroke.com

top most successfu amazon affiliate web site

$20,000 Amazon Affiliate Site – thisiswhyimbroke.com

Tools to hunt for best selling products to sell on Amazon

Hei guys , just wana have a quick share with you all
how does this amazon affiliate web site earn more than 20k a month .

I came across this web site couple years back , it is called thatwhyiambroke by Adam Freedman

How they become so successful ?
alot of people says that affilaite marketing is a dying industry , well it is if you do not know how to do it.

thatwhyiambroke is born in reddit . reddit is a very popular discussion website.

So what is special about thatwhyiambroke?

All of their products are things that you do not normally see in a typical online store such as a The Skydome Cabin that cost 21k usd .Who the hell will buy?
You may wondering.

So how do they make money by sellig things that half of the world do not need ?

There is something called cookie . cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer .
In general Amazon offer 24hours cookie length .
When people click on the products on thatwhyiambroke because it looks interesting , and it will bring them to the amazon website .
This person may or may not buy the particular product . But as long as this person , buy something from amazon within 24hours , thatwhyiambroke.com will receive the commision as well.

So, the interesting product is just serve as a “bait” to attract people to the web site , click on the products , if they buy thatwhyiambroke will get the commsion , if not, he/she buy something from amazon within 24hours thatwhyiambroke will earn a commision as well.

So , if you are running a affiliate business , or plan to set up one , thatwhyiambroke is a great reference web site. There are others similiar web site as well
such as DudeIWantThat.com ,OhTheThingsYouCanBuy.com and http://takemypaycheck.com/.

good luck to your business , talk to you soon.

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