What the heck is a sales funnel ?HOW CAN I CREATE ONE THAT CAN GENERATE SALES? | Dropshipmme .

What the heck is a sales funnel ?HOW CAN I CREATE ONE THAT CAN GENERATE SALES?

What the heck is a sales funnel ?HOW CAN I CREATE ONE THAT CAN GENERATE SALES?

What the heck is a sales funnel ?


In short , sales funnel is a systematic process that lead your potential clients into a buyers.

A typical example that is common inside a shopping mall where you see FREE food that you can try eat. After eating , the sales person , will lead you to their counter to buy their products . In order to make you buy , they will offer you on some sort of discount to create urgency , as they want you to buy on the spot.

So the whole system from , giving free food to leading you to buy their stuff is a sales funnel.

However in the world of internet , it will be slightly different , but the purpose and the end result are the same , which is to close a sales.

Lets look at the stages of a sales funnel .There are alot of different version of a it , this is the most simple one.

Phase no1 is the awareness phase.
In this phase the business owner will promote their products through a variety of methods ,such as facebook marketing ,
writing seo focus article or engage social media influencer .
In this stage , there is only one purpose ,which to create awareness about the existing about this company.

Phase no2 will be the interest phase .
So in this phase , the business owner will filter out their prospect .Prospect means people that are really interested with their products.
How they do this ? They will offer , free ebooks , free webinar , free tutorial .
Still remember the free food ? it is exactly the same .
Only people that are interested with the products will download or join free tutorial .From here they get to filter the real prospect.

In phase 3 is the decision phase .
So , if the online seller is using free webinar tutorial ,
at the mid and end of the webinar , they will start promoting their products ,and they will
offer you some unresistable great deal to make sure you sign it on the spot.

In the last phase will be the purchase phase.after pitching you with all the best deal , and limited time offer
, you will be guided to a check out phase where you get to purchase the products.

And the whole process will keep repeating whenever there is a new products launch.

to wrap things up , a couple of important things that you need to take note ,
1) A structured sales funnel is a must in order to be successful in online business .
2) Take your time to plan and examine your sales funnel .There is no one size fit all rules .
3) Give massive values on the free products that you offer to your customer , instead of giving
a whole lots of sales pitch with zero values.

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