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How To Dropship Shopee Using Chinabrands – Part 1

How To Dropship Shopee In Malaysia Using Chinabrands quiet easy to set up dropshipping from chinabrands to shopee , which i will show you how to do it later on in this video .

How To Dropship Shopee In Malaysia Using Chinabrands – Part 1

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It is quiet easy to set up dropshipping from chinabrands to shopee , which i will show you how to do it later on in this video .
But problem is the logistic set up in chinabrands . When i want to publish the item from chinabrnads to shopee , the logistic options
did not show up in chinabrands . And i contacted chinabrands , they says i need to talk to the shopee guy to turn it on.

So this is what the feedback i get from shopee .

” With regards to your issue, kindly be informed that “Ship From Overseas” only authorized for Cross Border seller.
Hence, to be featured as Cross Border seller at shopee, our relevant team will do further checking. “

And i checked on the  cross broder seller , it is for people that not from the local but want to sell to the country . for example , if you are from malaysia , but want to sell to shopee singapore , then you need to apply for it .But the problem is , we are doing dropshipping , how are we going to apply for it ?

Furthermore, dropship activity are not recommended in shopee if he item been shipped all the way from the main
seller due to any shipping/delivery might affected with any issue related.

However, if you wanted to sell an item from China, you may set the item as “Pre-Order” which is the time frame
to ship out is 7-30 days. Thus, you may have sufficient time to check the item before shipped out to buyer.
We can put pre- order but it will be too troublesome for a dropshipper , as we need to check from time to time to make sure
the stocks in china brands still available befor customer buy .

Once again we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We hope this clarifies.

Anyway , i have reply them back asking for another solution for this , and i will update you guys once i get the answer.

Now , lets learn how you can set up your shopee dropshiping with chinabrands.

  •  Register as a seller in shopee is much more simple that lazada .Just go to shopee and click on sign up.
  • Fill in all the details over here and click on sign up.
  • Next thing that you need to do is just go to seller centre, over here , you can manage everything of your shopee store.
  • Now , we need to go to and set up the both shopee and chinabrands for dropshipping purpose.
  • Just log into your account ,if you do not have one feel free to register one it is 100% for free , you can register at the link provided at the description box in this video.
  • go to my account and my authorized store.
  • click on authorized new store.
  • click on shopee
  • fill in your store name , which is your username or you can check it out at your shop profile at shopee.
  • fill it in and click on authorize now ,i am from malaysia so i choose
  • enter your ph number and password that you registered for shopee.
  • enter the verification code sent that sent to your phone , and click on verify
  • click on yes and you are done.

ok as i mentioned before , the process of setting up a dropshipping account for shopee and chinabrands are
easy , but i am stuck on the logistic , i will show you what do i mean.
For example , i want to sell this shoes , click on pubilsh and choose the right options. choose all the right category and click on next step.

  • fill up everything here . so when i click on save and publish , the error message “the mark in red is required”
    where is the logistic issues.And i do not get any options.
    So if everything is right , you should be able to see this shipping options over here.

So , i have contacted shopee for further solutions for this , i really hope that they can figure out something for this.
will update you guys soon. Please subcribe to my channel if you like my videos . Sincerely appreciate your supports .

4 thoughts on “How To Dropship Shopee Using Chinabrands – Part 1

  1. Hi.. I also stuck in the logistic which is no options for me to choose. So I can I resolve this problem.. Please advise. Thank in advance.

  2. when i authorize shopee, it saids my Email or email password is not correct. I have checked my email, its linked to my shopee already, and pw is right. what could be wrong?

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