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Lazada Or Shopee Affiliate Better for Earning Money ?


Hei guys , i am Weng Honn here , so you want to start a online affiliate business , but you do not know whether lazada or shopee is better in terms of making money .This is the best video for you .

Lazada Or Shopee Affiliate Better for Earning Money ?

We Are Going To Look At 5 Different Areas On Choosing Lazada Or Shopee Affiliate .

  • Application
  • Marketing Materials
  • Commission
  • Cookies

In order for us to determine which affiliate platform that we should choose , we need to know about the application process , marketing materials , how much are we going to earn and also how long is the cookies.

How To Apply for Lazada and Shopee Affiliate

You can apply for both affiliate in Involve asia and it is 100% for Free .You do not need to have a web site to promote lazada or shopee . Below are the platform that you can use to promote lazada and shopee affiliate marketing

  • Websites with your own domain / URL
  • Content websites (eg.
  • Loyalty and cashback platforms (eg.
  • Coupon sites and deal aggregator (eg.
  • Influencers (eg. facebook/com/influence)
  • SSP (eg. Applovin)
  • Mobile Application (eg. Flipboard)
  • Media Buyer

Another way of registering for lazada affiliate programme is directly register from the lazada platform itself. I have included the link below for you to register .

Marketing Materials For Lazada and Shopee Affiliates

Lazada and Shopee Affiliates provide similiar marketing materials , the biggest diffent is that Lazada provide deeplinking while Shopee does not .Deep linking is a link for each individual item . In my opinion in order to make a successful affiliates business , deeplink is super important  ,as customer get to choose what they wan , instead of just landing on the front page of a web site.


Lazada and Shopee Affiliates Commission

Shopee Affiliate Marketing  Commision Structures

Digital Goods
Fashion, Lifestyle & FMCG
Health & Beauty
Cap RM 120 Cap per order

Lazada Affiliate Marketing   Commision Structures

Digital Goods






Lifestyle & Home




Health & beauty
As we can see over here , as a general , Lazada provide more commission to different category and also there is no cap for commission .

Lazada and Shopee Affiliates  Cookies

Cookies is something that often people get neglected . It is actually very important for an affiliates .Cookies are small files which are stored on our computer. They will capture and hold data specific to a particular client and website for for a particular period .

So why cookies are important to affiliates marketers ? For example , Lazada”s cookies are 7 days . Michael click on your lazada affiliate link for a pen , but he did not buy it on the spot .He decided to buy it after 2 days , you will still get the commission . So in short , as long as he buy the pen within 7 days , you will still get the commission .

On the other hand , shopee”s cookie period is 30days . So with the same scenario , but this time Michael only decided to buy the pen after 2 weeks which is 14days . You will still get the commision if he click on your affiliate link on shopee . But , you will not get your commission if he buy on your lazada store , because lazada only provide a cookie period of 7 days .

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