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The Biggest Mistake People Make When Starting An Online Business

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Starting An Online Business

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So recently as you all know i have created an exclusive mastermind group chat so that we can help each others up in
buidling an ecommerce empire .

But i feel abit dissapointed in the sense that people just start things up without giving much consideration in planning the business that they want to venture into .

For example , i got somersetting like this ,
– hi Weng i already have shopify store , how am i going to search for the product?
– hi Weng i already have a shopify store , how am i going to drive traffic to my web store?
– hi Weng , i have set up my website what is next?

OMG, how can you start a business without prior planning ?

When u do this it is like driving without knowing where to go.

To make your business planning easy , the business model canva is the best guide that you can go after.and it is free.

In this video i will show you how i plan my business.

so i use this website call it is 100% free.

The things that i would give consideration in when i starting my business will be what is the business that i want to do?
and then i will give it a name on this online bueinsee a column

The next thing that i will think of is what is the marketing platform that i want to promote . youtube , blogging of facebook , all 3 of them .

Next what sort of products that i want to sell?
Is it an online course , affiliate marketing or cat necklace for dropshipping etc

The investment that i will to put up to run this business, for example a Rm 200 for the next 3 to 6 months .

USP is the most important thing that you actually need to think
about , before doing any of this above things.

Why a customer need to buy from you , and not with others ?

So this is a bird eyes view on how you should plan your business before launching anything.

If you fail to plan , you plan to fail. good luck.

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