How To Target Your Amazon FBA Niche Market -Selling The Right Products To The Right Markets | Dropshipmme .

How To Target Your Amazon FBA Niche Market -Selling The Right Products To The Right Markets


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Which country should you sell your products in Amazon FBA ?

This is a tough question to answer . But with data and figures , we are able to analyze what products are selling better in a particular country .

Lets learn abit about Amazon FBA and also popular products that some of these country are selling .

After that , I will teach you how are you going to find which country are selling hot for the products that you wana sell .

a) Amazon has marketplaces in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Mexico, and Australia

I don’t want to make this complicated, or a difficult decision for you. However, I still think you should know the facts about each Amazon marketplace around the world.

b) is the biggest marketplace by far and dominating all other marketplaces it has $258.2 billion saels in the year 2017

c) has 17billion sales and ) has 12billion sales in year 2017 , and these are the second and third biggest sales in amazon is the next largest at making around 11.9millions of sales in the year 2017 .

d) is not too far behind Japan and is growing fast.

e) is smaller, BUT online retail is growing in France and Amazon is taking a large share of that growth. It’s estimated that around 38% of Internet users in France, visit at least once a month.

f) is also relatively small at this time, but Amazon is putting a lot of resources in to expanding the market in India.

g) only opened early 2018 and is still very new. There is no data to compare it to other marketplaces yet.

To conclude:,, and are the ‘big 4’.

That does NOT mean you cannot do well by selling in one of the others.

Just that a smaller marketplaces don’t give you all the same choices as the bigger marketplaces. By that, I mean that not all product categories may be available.

Additionally there may be other implications. For example, India has some very specific laws and regulations when it comes to online retail. Obviously needs to comply with these laws. Therefore selling on will not be exactly the same as selling on, say,

Here are a few tips and pointers:

1. If you live in the UK, Ireland or any other European country except Germany and perhaps Italy or France, it makes sense to sell on

2. If you live in Germany or Italy, it makes sense to sell on or

3. If you live in France, you may want to consider selling on If not, sell on

2. If you live in N.America, it goes without saying that you should sell on and/or

3. If you live ANYWHERE else, you should consider either selling on, OR, selling on your local markeplace if you have one. For example, if you live in Japan or India, you might want to consider being a seller there. However, has MANY international sellers, so if you want to sell on, you can.

The above are only my recommendations. You must do what suits YOU best.

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