How To Sell Ebook On Kindle Amazon ?Step by step guide on selling your Ebook on Amazon | Dropshipmme .

How To Sell Ebook On Kindle Amazon ?Step by step guide on selling your Ebook on Amazon

How To Sell Ebook On Kindle Amazon ?Step by step guide on selling your Ebook on Amazon

How To Sell Ebook On Kindle Amazon

Step by step guide on selling your Ebook on Amazon

How To Sell Ebook On Kindle Amazon Step by step guide on selling your Ebook on Amazon

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How To Sell Ebook On Kindle Amazon Step by step guide on selling your Ebook on Amazon

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Hei guys I Weng here, in this video I am going to show you step by step how to create and sell your ebook on amazon .

There are 3 process in creating and selling your ebook.

Step #1 :

Creating an ebook that sell .

Step#2 :

Proofreading and plagirism

Step #3:


Step Number 1 Creating an ebook that will sell on kindle amazon .

Just like any business , we need to know the demand of a certain product before we product it .This applies to ebook as well .Lets face this , not all ebook sells well .

We are going to use 2 methods to look for which type of books are actually selling good.

  • Search on amazon best ebook seller.

Just type in best amazon ebook sellers on google , and click on it , and it will bring you to a whole list of ebooks that selling hot in amazon .

What we are interested is this numbers here . These are the number of reviews for this ebook . Average every 100 buyer will leave a review. For example , this ebook The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change , has 5381 reviews so it may have sold over 500kcopies   .Well , you may think that , you have found a great topic to write on. You are half right. This book is written by  Stephen R. Covey  , and he is one of TIME Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Americans , hence the sales is massive, since that he is super famous .

So , we cannot compare with him and expect that we can get that much of sales. But what we can get from this,  is that ,people is buying this kind of ebook . lets scroll down abit lower , over here we get to see where and how good is this ebook is performing . As we can see over here , this ebook is performing

#1 in Business Leadership (Books) PHYSICAL BOOKS

#1 in Business & Money (Kindle Store)

#1 in Business Leadership (Kindle Store)

So , as long as your topic is within these 3 categories , you will have a good chance of making good money from your ebook .


  • Another good way of doing your ebook research will be using other ebook download website .

For example , . Just type in any key words that you have in your mind , for example ,weight loss , you get to see tonnes of related ebook . What we wana look at is the amount of download .This ebook , healthy weight loss without dieting has more than 90k of downloads , people are loving this ebook ! You might say , well , because we can download this for free , that why the number are high . Well , lets not be greedy , if we have this ebook on amazon , and only 0.03 % of people are willing to pay , it will be 2700 people will buy from you . If each pay a good 5$ you will be earning 13,500 .good money ? Not too bad right?

  • Some of the ever green topic in the market are as below:
  1. Weight loss and dieting
  2. Self help topic
  3. Parenting & Relationships
  4. Business & Money
  5. Religion & Spirituality

As long as your topic fall under these 5 categories , you should be fine .

Step#2 : Proofreading and plagirism check for your ebook in amazon


You do not necessarily to be good in english or even a good writer to write a book . You can hire a ghost reader to write for you . If you do love writing and would like to write your own ebook , please go ahead. But if you are not good in english , I will suggest you to proof read it before published it to amazon. You can go to upwork , or fiverr and hire someone to proof read for you . my experience is that , the price will range from

Proofread pricing $50 to $100

Ghost writer pricing $100 to $250

It all depends on how many words are there in your ebook . So , get your ebook proof read before sending it out.

Just remember this , every ebook that you created is a money generator. So , make sure ,you have the highest quality of money generator to have massive earning .

Step#3 Publishing your ebook on kindle amazon

Publising your ebook in amazon is pretty straight forward,just go to kindle amazon , get yourself a free account from amazon , I already have an account so I will just login to my account. Everything is pretty much straight forward , over here you choose to on have your ebok publish or both ebook and also a physical printed version of your book . Lets start with kindle ebook , everything here is pretty straight forward , just fill in all the details overhere . As you can see over here , you need to fill up 3 parts in order for your to succesfully publish your kindle ebook on amazon.


Kindle eBook Details ,Kindle eBook Content , and also setting your Kindle eBook Pricing .Once you done all theses 3 steps , your ebook will be published. Amazon took only 24 hours to publish my book. Yes it is fast .

So make sure you follow these 3 simple steps to get your first ebook publish on amazon.

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