How to Register And Dropship On Lazada 2019? | Dropshipmme .

How to Register And Dropship On Lazada 2019?

How to Register And Dropship On Lazada 2019?

Do you want to sell at lazada Malaysia ? Do you want to start a dropshipping business in Lazada by using dropshipping ?You can get everything that you need to know over here .

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In this article you will get to learn :

  1. How to Apply for a Lazada Dropshiping Account In Malaysia?
  2. Dropshipping Supplier platform to choose for your Lazada Dropshipping Business
  3. Common questions on lazada dropshipping in Malaysia

How to Apply for a Lazada Dropshiping Account In Malaysia?

The procedure to apply for a lazada dropshipping account and a normal lazada account is the about the same . There are few things that are different .

a) Warehouse address

b) Shipping method

Warehouse address: When registering your lazada seller account , on the warehouse address section , you need to put a address for lazada to sent the refund product back to you ,if there is any . Normally i will put my own home address since i do not have a warehouse .

Shipping method : The very first thing that you need to do , when your lazada seller account approved , you need to apply for own seller fleet . Own seller fleet pretty much mean , you will use your own shipping company to ship your products instead of using Lazada wan .

Register your lazada seller account here

Apply for lazada own seller fleet here

Once you have done applying for lazada own seller fleet , you need to contact lazada and rush them to approve it asap.

Video below will show you how to apply for a lazada seller account .The latest update that i get from lazada is that , a seller do not need a business account or ssm to register to become a lazada seller .A personal bank account is enough to register as a lazada seller .

Dropshipping Supplier platform to choose for your Lazada Dropshipping Business

You can apply for dropshipping supplier in Malaysia while waiting for your lazada seller account to be approved .

Let me get this straight , Kumoten is by far the best free dropshipping supplier available in Malaysia for lazada dropshipping .

Why Kumoten Is The Best Dropshipping Supplier in Malaysia for Lazada?

When i talk about free is that , you do not need to buy any stock in advance and you definitely do not need to keep any stock at all (just like any others dropshipping platform).

Beside this , the biggest advantage is the shipping and also the refund/return thinggy which is a very big part of a dropshipping business . Since that kumoten is operating in Malaysia , so the shipment and also refund/return will be much more easier to manage .

However , Kumoten does has its disadvantages. Kumoten”s products is expensive , and seller always complain not much of margin . Second , Kumoten does not have much products selection .So these are the biggest disadvantages of Kumoten.

Alternative to Kumoten Dropshipping Supplier

A popular alternative to Kumoten as a dropshipping supplier to your lazada is Chinabrands . With Chinabrands you can get alot more variety with a lot cheaper price as well.

And the integrations of Chinabrands to your lazada store is very simple and easy as well , i am going to show how to do it later in this article .

Learn The Complete How to Sell ON Lazada and Dropship with Kumoten

Why Chinabrands Is Not So Good for Lazada Dropshipping

First of all , chinabrands company is having their operation in China , and they do not have any support team in Malaysia . And this make communication very hard . I do talk to their customer service a couple of time , regarding refund issues ,and it is a nightmare .

Second, not much of support in terms of answering customer question , helps etc. They do have alot of article regarding dropshiping with chinabrands , but just not enough live support or video supports to help up , especially for a dropshipping beginner .I do have a chinabrands specialist in my exclusive mastermind group weng honn , but she is not quiet into it as well .So yeah ,  a big point deducted from there.

However , dropshipping from chinabrands to lazada is legit , it works , and i have done some testing on it .

Learn The Complete How to Sell ON Lazada and Dropship with Kumoten

You can learn how to integrate chinabrands with your lazada seller account by watching the video below:

Regarding Refund with Chinabrands You Can Refer to Below Video As Well :

So , if you would like to ask me , Kumoten or Chinabrands for Lazada dropshipping In Malaysia , i will go for Kumoten for now .

Register your free chinabrands account here.

Common questions on lazada dropshipping in Malaysia

I do get alot of questions on my youtube channel and my exclusive facebook mastermind group regarding dropshiping on Lazada in Malaysia .

Q1) Do i need a business account or ssm to open a lazada seller account in Malaysia?

A1) No , you do not need

Q2) What should i fill in on the warehouse address ?

A2) Address that you can receive return product from lazada

Q3) Do i need to pay to dropship in Lazada Malaysia?

A3) Nope It is free

Q4) Does Kumoten works in other country ?

A4) Currently only works in Malaysia

Q5) Does Chinabrands works in other country?

A5) Yes there are.

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5 thoughts on “How to Register And Dropship On Lazada 2019?

  1. Hi..i just registered a seller account in lazada and registered with kumoten as question is if let say i want to integrate kumoten with lazada..the warehouse add will be mine or i have to find kumoten’s warehouse you said the add should be the one that can be returned/received

  2. Greetings Weng Honn!

    Thank you for giving valuable time for us. You have a video about “how to set ship from overseas in Shopee”. Unfortunately, not able to find anything for Lazada. Can you share how to set up that shipping option? Like, after publish the product, there is no option to ship from overseas (18-30 days), it only showing ship from my address with shipping price (3-7 days). Also if we sign up for SOF, it only allow to sell Kumoten products in Lazada store. So when publish product from Chinabrands how to set shipping on Lazada?

    Your humble follower.

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