Bagaimana Buat Duit Dengan Shopee Dropshipping Dan Aliexpress? | Dropshipmme .

Bagaimana Buat Duit Dengan Shopee Dropshipping Dan Aliexpress?

Bagaimana Buat Duit Dengan Shopee Dropshipping Dan Aliexpress?

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Dropship on shopee using aliexpress- How To Sell and Make Money With Shopee Dropshipping

Hei guys I am Weng Honn here thanks for watching this video . If you have not subscriber to my channel please do it now, as you are going to receive tonnes of tips and tricks for your online business.

In this video ,I will share about how you can dropship on shopee using aliexpress .

Lets start the show .

Dropshipping on Shopee using aliexpress is only possible if done manually. What do I mean by manually . download the products and upload it to your shopee store, you need keep track on the products of your supplier manually ,and lastly , when customer buy from you , you buy from your supplier and your supplier will ship the products to your customer .

Now , lets learn how you can do this .

First of all go to aliexpress. Just assume that I am on a watch business .a couple of things
That you need to take note over here.
1# total sales for the products . Generally the more products sold , mean this watch I
Selling hot and is on high demand.and we definitely wana sell it on our store as well.

2nd click on this review here , so , we only want suppliers that has 4 stars and above.

For example I am interested with this women watches , click on it .so it gas 6334 orders
With 4.7 stars review.

A very important things YOU Must take noted is the availability of the products .
We do not want to select a product that only has 50 items left . Generally I will select on
Products that has at least 1000 items available .

If you select products that has low stock level , you will need to come back very often to check
Whether is this products still available or not .

Next copy and paste this products link on your excel sheet for easy to access to the products.

Once you paste the link on your excel sheet , next we need to need to download all the photos of this products.

Next we need to check for the shipping cost .
You can use the free shipping , but it takes tooo damn long . So ,I will choose this 2.21 for 18-30days delivery .

Once you have done all these , next we are going to upload this products to our shopee seller store.

Go to add new products . products name I will copy and paste the name but I will want to simplify it
Abit .choose the category. When you are done click on next.

On this products description , you can copy from aliexpress , and fill up everything here . What I want you to take note is the sales infor and shipping.So this watch is selling at a maximum of 2.26 which will be about RM 10 . And I wana sell it for RM29.90 .Stock level I willl keep it as 10 , I will recommend not more than 50 just in case if the supplier running out of stocks

Scroll down abit and upload all the products images.

Ok , on this shipping a watch will weight less than 50g .Ok please take note on this Shopee shipping method . we need to select others and set the shipping fees. So the shipping fess is around RM 10 , I will just put 7 as I already covered from my profit .

You can also cover all the shipping fee , so that your customer will get free shipping as well . As you margin is high enough to do so .

When you are done click on save and publish.
Lets have a recap on the process of shopee dropshipping by using aliexpress.
Step 1:Go to Aliexpress and select products that you want to dropship to your Shopee store
#2 Check on the total sales
#3 select 4 stars and above sellers
#4 select products that has at least 1000 products available
#5 copy and paste products link on excel sheet
#6 check for shipping cost
#7 add products to shopee

Comment below on what you want to learn about online business , and I will create a tutorial for you.
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My name is Weng , thanks you for watching.

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