Bagaimana Pilih Product Yang Hangat Untuk Shopee Dropshipping | Dropshipmme .

Bagaimana Pilih Product Yang Hangat Untuk Shopee Dropshipping

Bagaimana Pilih Product Yang Hangat Untuk Shopee Dropshipping

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Bagaimana Pilih Product Yang Hangat Untuk Shopee Dropshipping

Hei guys , I am Weng Honn here , thanks you for joining me today.
In this video , I will show you how to select products to dropship on your shopee store and also tool that you can use to find the winning products.
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Now , lets get started.

In this video ,I am going to share 2 important things in order for you to earn money on your Shopee dropshipping business.
1)I will talk about how to choose between general and niche products to sell on your shopee store
2)How to use google trends to look for the high demand products.

How to choose Which Products to Sell?
I saw alot of seller that just start up their dropshipping business on lazada or shopee ,they randomly pick some products and push it to their online store and expect people will buy.

We do not start a business based on luck . We need to strategically plan , set up and run a business.

So ,lets cut things short , the best products to sell is a sub niche products . For example , if you are selling nike sports shoes , you sell only everything that is related to nike sports shoes , such as shoes lace , running shoes .

If you go too general and sell all sort of things , your shop will not works . If you are selling too niche , you might not going to get alot of traffic either . So , go in between these 2 , and you will be fine.

Seconds ,
A nother huge mistake that shopee or lazada dropshipper make is to choose products based on “ I think this can sell”. Well , you are not going to sell to yourself!
A good seller is the one that able to identified a needs of a certain products in the market, and supply this products to the ,market
You are selling to the market. So you need to precisely know what products are needed in the market , and dropship that products to your shopee or lazada store.

The tools that I am going to use over here is google trends .Google trends is a free toools that you can use to look for products that are trending and you also can compare between 2 or more products .Now lets learn how you can use this tools , to look for the winning products and earn some good money with your shopee or lazada dropshipping store.


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