Is Selling in Shopee and Lazada Still Profitable In 2020 ? | Dropshipmme .

Is Selling in Shopee and Lazada Still Profitable In 2020 ?

Is Selling in Shopee and Lazada Still Profitable In 2020 ?

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Can you earn money by Selling in shopee and lazada as dropshipping in 2020?

Make sure you watched this before starting a dropshipping business with shopee or lazada. You will fail in 2020 if you do not watch this.

This video will be talking about whether is shopee and lazada dropshipping a good online business in 2020?

What is dropshipping is and is not.

1)A lot of people thought that dropshipping is a zero cost start up business . In fact it is not. When you receive an order from shopee , the money from your customer will be keep in shopee before releasing to your bank account . So , you need to use your own money to buy the products from your supplier first before you receive the money from shopee.

2)Next , dropshipping is not a passive income business . And that is the thing that I do not like to use this busines model .You have check your shopee seller account from time to time ,so that when a orders come in , you need to buy the products from your supplier and ship over the products immediately to your customer.

3)I do not need to do advertisement There are 2 pieces about driving traffic to a shopee or lazada store , which are the internal marketing such as giving out discount coupon or advertise on the platform itself. This is the marketing strategy that every single sellers are doing. So , it will be tough if you only relies on the internal marketing strategy. So , alot of sellers are slowly moving to external marketing which will be facebook ads , google ads , creating a website , video ,email marketing to drive more traffic to their store.And all of these needs money .!

4)Sellers do not run it like a business . If you really want to start a dropshpping business , you need to run it as a business . I mean a proper business with a plan. Alot of people fail because they do not take things seriously , and complain about they are not earning any money .

A succesful dropshipping business must have below set up:

1)Website that promote their products

2)Email marketing software to collect leads

3)Facebook and youtube channel to talk about the products There are alot more that can be done , but these 3 are really the essential in building a successful dropshipping business .

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