How I Order My Dropshipping Products- For shopify,lazada and shopee dropshipping.

How I Order My Dropshipping Products- For shopify,lazada and shopee dropshipping.

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How I Order My Dropshipping Products- For shopify,lazada and shopee dropshipping.


Hei guys , I am weng honn here , thanks you for watching this video. If you are wondering how and where to buy your dropshipping products for your shopify , lazada or shopee ,or just want to know how does actually things works , watch this video now.
Lets begin.
3 things you need to know about dropshiping products:
#1 your customer do not know that you are doing dropshipping
#2 your customer do not know where your products come from
#3 they do not know your shipping price ,products cost price and also definitely do not know which company you are buying from .


This means that , they do know anything between you and your supplier , and your supplier also do not know anything about you and your customer.

So , things will not crossover. And whatever that happen between you and your customer , your supplier will not care , and whatever problem happen between you and your customer they do not care too , what your customer want is what ever they order , they received exactly as told in your shop . That is all about it .

A quick recap on how does dropshipping works,

You list a products on shopify or shopee, lazada .someone buy from you , you buy the products from your supplier and your supplier will help you to ship the products for you.
You do not keep any stock
And you do not deal with shipping.
Ok , lets go into details.
So , for example , you posted this products on your shopify or shopee store.
James buy this earphone from your store. All you need to do now is buy this products and ask the suppliers to ship it for you .

So click on this earphone .select which shipping company that you want to use. Different products and countries have different charges and also shipping method .If your cost can cover the shipping cost , choose a faster options . You may earn abit less , but James will be happier because he can start listen to his favourite Jay Chou song very soon .

Once you done this ,click on buy now .
Ok please stay focus , as this part is really really important .If you done this wrong , you are going to screwed up your business.

So , on this shipping information , you have to put your clients”S details and not your details . remember I told you guys early in this video , your suppliers will ship this products to your customer .

So , if you put your own address , your supplier will ship to you instead of your Jamses.And James never going to get his new earphone and he does not get to listen to hi Jay Chou song . He will be very upset.
So , stay focus.

On this contact column ,put your client”s name.
On this mobile column , put your clients”s phone number.
And for this address, put your client”s address.

When you are done scroll down to select your payment method .
Go down to check to make sure that the product is the right one.

Thanks for watching , my name is weng honn.Check for any discount no discount.

Ok , just before we process with the payment , one very important thing that you must do is to write a note to your supplier.saying that you are doing dropshipping , so that the supplier will not put the receipt of the products purchase inside the parcel.

Go to leave message , and you can write something like this , this is for dropshipping. The supplier will know what to do with it .

You can put more details in it , but generally I will just put this is for dropshipping.

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