More Shopee Dropshipping Sales By Meeting Customer Needs. | Dropshipmme .

More Shopee Dropshipping Sales By Meeting Customer Needs.

Understanding YOUR Shopee and Lazada Buyer Needs and Give them What They Want .

More Shopee Dropshipping Sales By Meeting Customer Needs.

Good day to dear all dropshipper from lazada , shopee and the rest of the world!

So, you tell me that you do not have sales in your shopee store or lazada . Well , one of the main things that you might be missing out is , your buyers needs.

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Understanding YOUR Shopee and Lazada Buyer Needs and Give them What They Want .

Watch this video till the end , and you may have the answer that you have been long looking for .

A business is nothing without its customers.
If you run your shopee business without paying any sort of special attention to their customers’ needs , your business will not grow.

In a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one in three customers said they’d break up with a brand after just one poor experience. So , you need to make sure that each transaction is 5/5.

What Are Customer Needs?
Psychologically, customer needs is the physical and psychological motivators that cause customers to buy a certain product or service.

Physical motivators are typically easy to identify as they’re shaped by our beliefs, opinions, desires, and preferences. Is like buying a shirt that we belief will make us look great , or buying a new pair of Jeans that we love .

If your hands are cold, you need gloves. If your glass is broken, you need to have it fixed.

Physical needs are at the bottom of the pyramid for why a customer seeks out a product or service.
Psychological is much more complicated. People buy because of emotion .

This is where we see customer needs like convenience, reliability, affordable price, and good service.
Understanding customer needs allows you to give your customers more positive experiences, which in turn builds brand loyalty , and therefore more revenue to you as well.

How to Meet Customer Needs
Here are a few ways you can work on meeting the needs of your customers.
1. Collect Direct Feedback from Your Customers
Customer review is one of the easiest ways to find out what your customers like, want, and dislike.
The world’s biggest companies are constantly using this approach in order to understand customer needs.
Things that you can do after selling, you can ask your clients to leave their rating on the products page, in exchange you can give them a discount coupon for their next purchase.
Beside better understanding your customer needs , the more reviews you have on your shopee store , the higher your products will ranked on Shopee.

2. Surveys:
You can conduct a phone surveys .By doing this , the customer will feel that you care about them this works better than online survey , as on phone you get to have more interaction with your customer.
Use open-ended questions that give them the freedom to say what’s on their mind without being limited by a list of options.One example: What other things would you like to see in our product?

3. One on one interview
Interview is not only a great method to get feedback from our customer, it is also a great way to promote your products.
You prerecord this video and upload it on youtube and Facebook , or you can do a live video on both youtube and facebook .
The new generation will less likely to buy from heavily promoted products by celebrities , instead they will be more likely to buy a product that promoted by a normal people like you and i.

4. Plan How to Implement Customer Needs into Your Shopee Business
So now , lets look at what to do next, how you can improve, and how you can implement this into your Shopee business.

Below is some of the strategic that you can implement into your Shopee business:
1) Give out discount coupon to all customers that leave positive reviews
2) Every week pick 10-20 clients and ring them up to ask feedbacks about the product.
3) Randomly sent discount coupon to current customer every month .
I hope you like this video , my name is weng honn , thanks for watching.

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