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Why Blog Important for Shopee/Lazada Dropshipping Business?

Why Blog Important for Shopee/Lazada Dropshipping Business?

Why blog/website is important for your dropshipping business?

You might be wondering now , Weng , why do I need to have a blog or website for my dropshipping business?
Before I tell you how a blog can boost your dropshipping income , lets look at some dropshipping business example that has a web site.

https://blog.inspireuplift.com/ .Inspireuplift is a general dropshipping store where they sell basically everything .They have a blogs that are talking about pretty much all the products that they are selling and also link to buy the products.

Next https://www.dogpawty.com/blogs/stories . This website is selling dog products. As you can see over , there is a link that readers can click and buy the products.

The are a lot more example out there .But the thing that I want to tell you is that you need to have a website to run your drop shipping business.

The example that you see over here , all of them are using shopify to run their dropshipping business. And shopify has a integrated blogging function on shopify , therefore , customer can navigate between blogs and products page without leaving the website .

However , with lazada and shopee , you will not have this advantage .
What we can do is create a website , and put a purchase link on our website ,so that when our readers click on the link , it will direct them to your products page on shopee or lazada.

How A Simple Blog Can Help In Boosting Your Revenue?
1. Proving your expertise
Commonly, your lazada or shopee store are just there to display whatever products that you are selling. It does not tell the buyers how good is it, how it can help them or why you need it .This can be done by blogging.
A thought-out blog gives you an opportunity to prove you’re a really knowledgeable and responsible seller everyone can build trust with, and also tell your potential buyers on how good is your products, how it can help them or why they need it

2. Differentiating from competitors
To be frank , not much of sellers in lazada or shopee are blogging about their business .Those that you see that have a website that talks about their products and link it back to their lazada/shopee store , they might be some of the success seller around.
I mean you can go for facebook live to promote your products as well , but if you do not like to show your face , go for blogging please.
If you write your own unique blog content that talks about your products, you are already one step ahead of your competitors that selling the exact products as yours.

3. Establishing authority
Through reviewing and discussing your products, you are not only able to give a impression to your potential consumer that you are the “pro” in what you are selling , you are also able to build your own fans and community .


Everything that you do on your lazada or your shopee store , every sellers are doing it a well.
How do you overtake them ?

SEO building is one of the key. By having a blog and also regular updates on it ,it wil help to rank your blog on the first page position on google and your potential customer are much more easily to found your store first compare to your competitors.

These are the 4 advantages of having a blog for a dropshipping store. I know it seems a lot of things to do , well , it is. There are no easy way to success.
I am always here to help ,leave a comment below if you need any helps from me. Peace and love.

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