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Hi guys how is things going? So you wana get more sales for your dropshipping business on shopee  but the suppliers that we know of is only very limited  ,which is aliexpress. And everyone is selling the same products at their lazada or shopee store.

I mean you can try   Chinabrands  , but the products are really limited and the price are high.

No worries at all , in this video I will share with you a method , where you can have more than 8000s and more suppliers for your products all around the work within clicks.

Before I share about this method , a lot of my students has used this method and start selling all sort of products and getting result.

Just gonna show you some of the email that my students sent me, “hi weng honn , thanks for your sharing ,I have sold more than 500 items last week using the suppliers you mentioned! “

Another email over ,

Greeting from Alex ,

Hi sifu , just wana shoot you an email , to tell you that the method that you share last week works perfectly ! Instead of selling whatever everyone is selling on Shopee from Ali, with your method I can easily get 100 over suppliers that able to ship to Singapore! Thanks for your guide sifu. Coffee on me when we meet.

Your Man,


So this method is definitely going to work.  It will make your life so much easier as well as you do not need to go all around to look for supplier , as all suppliers are already here.

The services that we are going to use is Salehoo . Inside salehoo ,it has more than 8000 different suppliers from different country. Beside this great features it also has , tools that you can use to compare which products are much more worthy to sell online.Beside all this , it also has training that you can go with.

Salehoo cost $67 a year so it is about $5.70 a month which is really really cheap .

I have leave the registration link at the comment box below check it out.

When you click on the given link , after register and log in , you will be directed to this page.

Just a quick introduction , you can explore more when you are here ,it is really simple to use , I do not want to drag you guys too long here , on this lab tab over here , you get to compare which products is worth selling , what the current trending products , and salehoo provides free training as well for all members and on this resources tab there are tonnes of things that you can learn from salehoo that is free for all members.

It is really simple to use use salehoo as everything is so straight forward.

Let look at one of the high customers demand products in Shopee , cat necklace .

Just type in cat necklaces and click on search.

So , it has 91 suppliers from all around the world , with 747 products .

On the left side over here , you have setting that can further customized your searchers .

So , what you can do here is to click on the products tab ,you will see all products related to cat necklaces will show over here. For example if you like this necklaces click on it , you can directly contact the supplier or give them an email.

A lot of times when you use Aliexpress , it is very hard for you to contact the supplier , so if there is refund or any inquires are hard to contact them. With Salehoo , it makes communication much more easier between seller and buyer.

Lets go to the suppliers tab . From here You can also select whichever suppliers that you are interested , and directly chat with them on salehoo itself , if you dun like to sent email or giving the a call.

For example I would like to contact this silverxcrave , all I need to do is just click on contact supplier and I can start chatting with the supplier.

And we also can views all products that sellers are selling at this supplier catalog.go to product catalogues.

Another features that I really like about salehoo is this compare products feature .

For example if you have 2 products that you plan to sell , but you do not know which can help you to earn more money.

Just drop the products over here and salehoo will do the analyze for you.

So for example , I plan to sell either Pixel Lovebox or Disney Frozen 2 Hair Accessory .based on this chart , we get to see that both are same in term of the sell rate and also the total listing , but what is different is the average price.

So pixel box is selling at an average price of 170 and Frozen 2 is selling only at $15 .

Lets scroll down abit ,over here , you can directly contact the suppliers for these 2 products and negotiate the price with them.

You do not need to go on google to search the suppliers that may takes hours. Over here , you can directly message them or give them a call to have the latest price.

So , if you are looking for a more precise dropshipping tools for your online business , check out salehoo.

Take good care .and I will see you soon.




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