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Hei guys I am Weng Honn here .

A lot of people have the problem of finding local suppliers for the products that they wana sell.

I discover this method when I randomly doing my products research on Shopee.

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At the end of this video I will also share with you in which platform that is the best platform to sell your products, so make sure that you stay till the end.

Let us begin.

We can actually look for local dropshipper supplier in Shopee as well.

Yes ,let me repeat this again , you can look for products supplier directly from Shopee.

And yes , factory or the bigger players are actually selling directly to Shopee as well , and I am not surprise with this movement .

With platform like Shopee and lazada , factory and company can now directly sell their products on this platform , by doing this they can cut down the headcount of the sales person.

So , why not.

The next questions you may ask , Weng , then how o , how to beat their prices ?Well , I were you , I will not be take that into consideration.

Think about it,there are 32.6 million population in Malaysia in 2019 , and there are 28.13 millions visitor on March alone , what I can see is only opportunity .

The #1 mistake of most people in starting up a business is being perfectionist. They wana get the best products to sell , the best price , the best suppliers , the best time to start .And 5 ,10 years passed by , they still have not started anything yet.

So , the best time to start is now.

Ok , now let me share this method with you guys.

It is really super easy.

Just type in dropship onto the search box.

You will get to see a lot of different products that are available for you to choose for dropshipping . And 90% of them are actually local supplier , wholesaler and even the direct from factory.

You can also type in specific products that you wana search for . Like bag dropship , face mask dropship , watch dropship etc .

Now , lets try this beg dropship.This seller is selling  [Local Ready Stock] Top Seller Korean Style Canvas Mini tote Sling Bag Handbag B043.

Shipping feees is free to ns and also very cheap if get charged.

Couple of things that you wana look at when choosing your dropshiper in shopee , incase kena tipu.

#1 rating must be high

#response prefer to be above 80%

And response time prefer to be within 2 hours or ASAP

#if it is a new seller , you may wana order 1 or 2 to test water first .

When you scroll down , you will get to see this supplier is actually from kluang , johor , and they welcome  Reseller  and  Dropshipper needed.

Well , most import is the review must be above 4 or higher ,of course the higher the better.

This supplier has 4.7 which are awesomely good!

So , if you are into selling this products you can consider this supplier.

I hope this video able to help to . Take good care guys.


As you can see over here , these are the top 6 social media marketplace that Malaysian go to.

77.51% are using FB , 10.65 from twitter , 4.82 from ig , 3.63 from pinterest , 3% from youtube ,0.2 fro tumblr.

So, obviously , is you wana promote your products , spent most of your time on FB!

I hope this video able to help you along your entrepreneur journey. Peace and love.



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