4 Ways To Increase Shopee Dropshipping Sales /Shopee Stokist Revenue , Cara Buat Duit Dengan Shopee | Dropshipmme .

4 Ways To Increase Shopee Dropshipping Sales /Shopee Stokist Revenue , Cara Buat Duit Dengan Shopee

4 Ways To Increase Shopee Dropshipping Sales /Shopee Stokist Revenue , Cara Buat Duit Dengan Shopee

4 Ways To Increase Shopee Dropshipping Sales /Shopee Stokist Revenue , 4 Cara Meningkat kan sales di kedai Shopee anda.


This is why your Shopee dropshipping Fail!
Hi guys my name is Weng Honn , in this video I will share about why dropshipping business is bad .
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Ok , lets be frank, is dropship does can make money that is for sure . But it is not as what you think off.
I know a lot if guru out there says earn couple of thousands by drosphipping products from aliexpress to your shopee and Lazada store , when you wake up the next morning , your shop will suddenly have couple of thousands in sales.

It is just not like that . It is a business , and business does not grow overnight . Dropshipping is just another method to get your products .
That is all about it! This is very important , do not get blinded by the term “dropshipping” and relate it to
“make money fast”. It is not at all.

So , if you expect that after download some photo from aliexpress or your competition store , and upload it on your store ,and money will rolling in , that why your shopee store fail .
Ok , let me give you a better business system to follow so that you can have more success with your shopee dropshipping business . No matter where you come from , from Philipines , Thailand , Malaysia ,Singapore , the system is about the same .
Ok , I will first layout the how much effort you need to spent on each elements.

To run a Shopee dropshipping business , you would need to do :
1) Products research , I would says 20% is on products research
2) Where to get Suppliers ,10% effort on suppliers ,as we already have existing suppliers available local or overseas , or you can just google very simple and easy.
3) Marketing to drive traffic 70% and this is the continuous effort
Look , most people are stuck at products research and suppliers .where to get products la , how to do products research la , they give 100% on looking for an answer on these 2 elements but not the 70% on marketing.
Well , if Apple only focus on products research and getting supplies and no marketing , who the heck will know apple ? Can buy from fruit stall ar?

Once you are done with your products research and getting suppliers , you have to go hardcore on the marketing part .
On our ultimate Dropship mastermind class we have 4 system where you need to have in order to drive massive traffic to your shopee store.

1) Your shop must have branding and logo
For an example , this 2 shop which shop you will buy from ? a or b . Confirm is A lor . Simple no need to think . Why , because most people like to look at nice that is nice , pretty and eye catching .So , make sure you have the logo , branding .

2) Keywords on title and description.
The biggest mistake of a shopee dropshipper is that , they just copy and paste blindly products from their suppliers. And a lot of time the products and title is not related at all to the products.

Keywords is what people are typing and searching on shopee . If you are selling a waterproof luggage bag , you need to make sure that this keywords waterproof luggage bag is inside your title and description .

3) Use the free boost by shopee
You can pay shopee ads to get more traffic , but for a shopee begginers , you might dun wana spent any money on ads. So , use this free boost tools by shopee . You can boost up to 5 products every 4 hours.So use this.

4) Customer service
This is the most neglected things that most shopee seller does . Customer service !!! If you wana buy a pair of shoes , most probably you will go survey survey first right. Then if the price is about the same , which shop will you choose? Of course the most friendliest stuff .
It is the same as in Shopee , who reply you the fastest you will buy from the seller, siapa cepat ,siapa dapat. Therefore , it is very important that you reply within 30 minutes ya.

For those that want to learn more about shopee dropshipping and how to drive more sales to your store feel free to join ultimate dropship mastermind class it is a online coaching class , where you will get to have 3 hours live coaching by teacher Jamie and also our 7 figure Shopee seller Dylan and also join our mastermind private group on facebook and whatsapp. It is only RM99 one off.
I have put the register link below this video check it out. Every month we only open to 2 batches. So , if you wana learn more about shopee join in . See ya.

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