Top 5 HOT AND TRENDING Shopee Product Categories In Malaysia 13,189,380 SALES VOLUME IN 30 DAYS | Dropshipmme .

Top 5 HOT AND TRENDING Shopee Product Categories In Malaysia 13,189,380 SALES VOLUME IN 30 DAYS

Top 5 HOT AND TRENDING Shopee Product Categories In Malaysia 13,189,380 SALES VOLUME IN 30 DAYS

Top 5 HOT AND TRENDING Shopee Product Categories In Malaysia 13,189,380 SALES VOLUME IN 30 DAYS

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Hi guys , I am Weng here , a lot of new shopee sellers always ask me this questions , Weng what is the latest hot and trending products that I can sell in Shopee?

In this video I will be sharing with you guys the advantages and disadvantages of selling this hot trending products and also what what the top 5 current hot trending category in Shopee.

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A lot of people are looking for the latest hot and trending products to sell , and there is nothing wrong by selling these type of products.
However , the disadvantage of selling this type of products , it will die off eventually , or there will be a big drop of sales before the next peak .The best example will be selling facemask .Of course a lot of people make millions by selling facemask during the covid pandemic .What is next? Well , if there are not a fulltime sellers , they may use the money to invest on others stuff , if they are fulltime sellers , they may want to use the money to further expand their business.

But if there are looking for the next “face mask” product to sell , that might be for another 10 years.
In my opinion , a shop need to have hot and trending products plus products that can have solid sales on a monthly basis.
Hot and trending products such as facemask is a good traffic driver , as it can drive massive traffic to our store .
When people come into our store , the probability of these customers buy your others product are highly likelihood.
So same concept of people selling super cheap or even cost price products on their trending products serve as a hook to drive traffic to our store.and the solid sales products is the foundation for your business .

For an example , this facemask sellers in shopee has sold 176,271 in the past 30 days , 11,784 in the past 1 day and date on shelf started 2020-04-09 . lets see what is the price that this shop is selling. So this mask is selling at dirt cheap price RM0.66 – RM1.00 and it is on the Lowest Price Guaranteed . The price tag means that if you can get any price that is lower that this product shopee will refund you 120% price different.
Lets us check out the shop . so , at a glance this shop is mainly selling lighting products , and it is irrelevant to mask or similar products.and we also can see some handphone casing products which are also hot trending products on shopee , and it is on a very low price
So it is very obvious that this store is using face mask to bring traffic to their store.
And lighting products are their core business. So they are combining hot and treding products that may give them a fast and rapid boost on traffic plus products that are their core business .

The concept is similar with 99 speedmart where some of their products are cheaper than anywhere else , and others are pretty much the same or slightly more expensive .The main purpose is to drive as much traffic as possible to your store , to your business .
So , what are the top top 5 current hot trending category in Shopee.
This are the 5 top products that are currently hot categories in Shopee
Home and living , healthy & beauty . groveries & pets,baby & toys, mobile & gadgets .
These are the past 30days sales volume.

Well , non deniable that all these 5 categories are very high in competition.
If you look carefully , groceries and pets has the least product volume , and highest month sale rate among these 5 categories.
It also means that is is less competitive among these 5 categories.
So , that is it for now . I hope you learn something new today.
See ya.

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