2 Ways to Look for 100++ Suppliers Shopee Dropship/Wholesale In Malaysia for Your Shopee Store | Dropshipmme .

2 Ways to Look for 100++ Suppliers Shopee Dropship/Wholesale In Malaysia for Your Shopee Store

2 Ways to Look for 100++ Suppliers Shopee Dropship/Wholesale In Malaysia for Your Shopee Store

2 Ways to Look for 100++ Suppliers Shopee Dropship/Wholesale In Malaysia for Your Shopee Store

 Free Download Top 10 Supplier List:
➡️ https://shopeedropshipsupplier.gr8.com/
50 Suppliers List for Home and Living Products (local):
➡️ https://shopee.com.my/product/141191918/6244668420/
70 Suppliers List for Mix Products (local):
➡️ https://shopee.com.my/product/141191918/6344569124/

Local suppliers are much more easier to deal with , you get to minimize all the logistics problems that you may face when dealing with overseas supplier , and return , refund will be much more easier as well .
You will be surprise on there are actually hundreads if not thousands of wholeseller in Malaysia that are waiting to work with you to grow your business.

I have been doing intense research on suppliers for each categories in Shopee , to my surprise , a lot of hidden supplier that actually exist in our own local markets , is just that maybe they spent very less effort in promoting their business or they are not well expose in marketing their business online .

As you can see over here , this is the list of over 50 suppliers that are ready to supply you their products in the home and living category in shopee such as , water bottle , kitchenware , curtain and a lot more.
So , lets get started.

The very first place that you can look for supplier is in Shopee itself.
In shopee you can find a lot of different suppliers.
A couple of keywords that you can put into this search box over here.
1) Product + borong
2) Product + wholesale
3) Product + dropship
So for an example , you are looking for face mask .

All you need to do is just key in facemask borong or face mask wholesale or facemask dropship into Shopee search box .
The reason why this works is that those sellers that do wholesale or dropshipping will list their products with this keywords.
Ok , lets try it.

Just go for facemask borong .
We want to skip the first row , as it is ads .
As you can see over here there are tonnes of face mask , which include facemask , facemask and also beauty facemask.
I am actually looking for beauty facemask.

So I just randomly pick on these 2.
Ok first of all , as I mention before the formula to search supplier in shopee you need to put these keywords into the search box , as you can see , most suppliers will list their products with these keywords inside their products title .
The next thing for you to look out for is the products sold , rating and reviews.
I think this is a very common things for all online buyers , to read all these parameters before buying , it will be the same as well when selecting your suppliers.

Ok , now , have a try and search for your suppliers on shopee.
Next ,I am going to introduce my best friend to you which is mr .google.
A couple of ways that you can use google to look for local supplier.

The very first one is

1) Product + borong + Malaysia/state that you want your supplier to be and same goes to the rest
2) Product + wholesale
3) Product + dropship
The reason is to put a specific demographic is so that suppliers from others countries or state will not show up over here.
Next put in allintitle: with all of these keywords , so that google will show you nothing but specifically only web page that has all these keywords , this way it will be very niche and you may not be able to find much infor.
There are a couple more google terms that you can use so that you have a more define information , but in this video I am just going to show allintitle only.

OK , lets try it out.
First things first ,as you can too the search result now is at 378,000 , it will be much more lesser when we apply the allintitle later on in this video.

Next this is super important , I want you guys to understand how important of having a good products title and description in your shopee store.Why this store is up here , but not others.
They are a lot of elements to explain this , but the most fundamental things is the title , products description and hastag . These are the real fundamental of it.

For sure a lot of shopee seller focus on shopee”s internal traffic to drive sales to their store , there are nothing wrong with this , but a good title with appropriate keywords and hashtag does impact your products ranking on google, as you can see it over here. This message is especially to dropshipper , do not be lazy just to copy and paste products description from your dropship supplier , very often there are crappy . Ok , rewrite it if needed.

So , from here you can choose and scan which suppliers are suitable to you , give them a call of shot them an email.
Next lets include allintitle into google.
As you can only 5 search result .

This means that only 5 web site that has this title on their web page .and this also means that these 5 web site will have a very high probability near to 100% that they are supplying shampoo in a wholesale price.
This shop is here again.

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