Make RM 2000 DROPSHIP Digital Products SHOPEE Malaysia 2020 | Dropshipmme .

Make RM 2000 DROPSHIP Digital Products SHOPEE Malaysia 2020

Make RM 2000 DROPSHIP Digital Products SHOPEE

Make RM 2000 DROPSHIP Digital Products SHOPEE Malaysia 2020

Make RM 2000 DROPSHIP Digital Products SHOPEE .Want to Dropship On Shopee .Cara Dropship di Shopee tanpa Modal.
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Hi guys , I am Weng Honn here , in today”s video I want share something very interesting with you guys , which I called it digital products dropshipping.

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I am sure that if you are a fans of my channel , you are very familiar with the term dropshipping , as I have make tonnes of video regarding dropshipping.
And a lot of members have their first sales on the first week itself after starting their Shopee dropshipping business.
However , very often I get these asked questions like , how todeal with the intense competitions, how to drive more traffic to our business , how to deal with long shipping , how to deal with refund and lots more questions.
Well , every business has its problem , and the words perfect itself is not perfect , not too sure why the word “perfect” even exist in this world while it does not actually exist.

I have been thinking this for sometimes , what are some of the alternative way for those that want to start business on Shopee but want to avoid all these so called “the new traditional business “ problem that may face by a noobie ? The answer is “ I cannot figure it out”. Because it is business , price war will be there , competitors will eventually kick in . it is just that who come in first , who innovate faster .
So , the best business module that I have is instead of dropshipping physical products , why not we dropship digital products?

For those that do not know what is digital products , digital products are intaglible products , like ebook , online programme , software etc.
With digital products , you need not to worry about shipping , packing or run out of stock , because it never will be. And all you need is just email to sent the product to your customer.Simple and easy.

I am sellig my audiobook and ebook on amazon , kobo and othes platform as well , since 2 years back , it is really a tough market out there , as it is a mature market especially for ebook .

I do not write my ebook myself or record my own voice for my audiobook , I hire freelancer to do it to make sure the quality is there , and as you know me , I love to do research , so , the topic for my products are niche enough to get sales actually . I would my sales from all this ebook and audiobook is around $100 a month.Well not too bad as I am not doing anything and not investment anymore in it .
The point that I want to make overhere is that , it is still kind of new on selling digital products in Malaysia compare to overseas . And when come to selling , a lot of us will only think of physical products as we are living in a physical world.

So ,if you do not want to follow the trend and rush yourself into the dropship physical category , why not try dropshiping digital products?
For an example , all Shopee”s products are digital products by Laman Lega , which I produce my own programme . You can try your luck in copy and download others people products to sell , but for me , I prefer to build my own brand .
So , you want to dropship this digital product and sell in your shop. Btw ,this is my shop”s best sellers. I sold 100 plus . I uploaded this last month .

You can pm me that you want to dropship this product , and I will sent you all the products details ,which include images , title and product description where you can just simply copy and paste to your shop.
When you have sales , all you need to do is to buy this product from me , and I will sent you the access instruction for you to sent to your clients.

So , instead of , dealing with shipping , not stock etc , you just need to deal with email.
Another good thing about all my video programme is that , customer do not need download the products ,where sometime the file is too big and also it is not organized.

With my products , clients can watch all the tutorial on my website , without downloading ,without worried about loss of contents . It is life time access.

Ok , I think this video will be great enough to open up your mind for now.
Have a deep thought on it . catch up with you on the next video. Bye.

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