Amazon Dropshipping With Cj Dropshipping - Start Amazon Dropshipping In Malaysia | Dropshipmme .

Amazon Dropshipping With Cj Dropshipping – Start Amazon Dropshipping In Malaysia

Amazon Dropshipping With Cj Dropshipping - Start Amazon Dropshipping In Malaysia

Amazon Dropshipping With Cj Dropshipping – Start Amazon Dropshipping In Malaysia #Project WHK
Register Cj Dropshipping
What Is UPC Code

I believe that if you are long enough in this channel , you know that I started dropshipping on Lazada and Shopee couple years back in 2016 .
Things have changed a lot , method and company that works at that time , may not be able to use right now .
I have introduced a lot of company that you can do dropshipping on Shopee , some works and some no longer working anymore .It definitely a great journey and experience.

Couple month back I was introduced to cj dropshiping and I did a video on using it for shopee drosphipping , however , recently due to Shopee”s logistic duration restriction , they are no longer supporting shopee Malaysia.

Cj dropshipping is currently only supporting Thailand and Indonesia shopee , as they have warehouse overthere.
They are still a huge space to play with cj dropshipping , as it can also connect to others platform such as amazon , ebay and shopify .
So , I have decided to give a try on amazon dropshipping using cj dropshipping as my new project for year 2020 .I am not sure can I make it or not , but if you too want to start dropshipping on Amazon , but do not know how , or afraid to do it , you can see how I bang the wall and make sure you do not repeat the mistake like I did ok .

I sell ebook and audiobook on amazon but not physical products. Since cj dropshipping is supporting amazon dropshipping , why not give it a try , no harm right ?

I will be doing a series of video on the process of how to dropship to amazon using cj dropshipping . If you too interested with amazon dropshipping , feel free to follow my video .
And if you are pro at amazon dropshipping feel free to give me so

me advice .
So , in this video I will be going through the registration of amazon .

Please be aware that cj dropshipping is currently only supporting amazon us for dropshipping ya. So, make sure that you are registering amazon us but not others country ya .

Subscribe to my youtube channel to support my works ya.lets do this .
You just need to type in selling at amazon us . I pretty sure this is the you can read through all this.
After research a couple things that you must know before you start selling on amazon us.

First thing first ,
There are 2 Seller Category
Choose a seller category based on the size of your business. Each option will make sense for different scales.

Sell as an Individual

Selling as an individual is a smart option if you are a first time seller or plan to ship less than 40 items in a month. Amazon charges $0.9 for every item sold so when shipping a small number of products you can save in the beginning.
Sell as a Professional

Selling as a professional costs $40 a month. If you’re planning on selling more than 40 items, this is the most cost-effective choice.
I will be going for individual at this stage.

We need UPC code to list our products on Amazon . If you want to read more about what is UPC code and how it works you can read through this article here
I will leave the link to this article at below comment box ya.
Ok now , lets register our amazon seller account

I highly recommend you to read through all the information over here before signing up .
Once you are done reading scroll down here and click on selling on individual.
Create your amazon account .

Key in your name , email and set your password .
Go to your email account that you used to register just now .
Key in the otp number .

Create your amazon account.
I am from Malaysia so , I will just pick Malaysia.

Ok , this is quiet a confuse part for me , should you be choosing individual or privately own business ?
I have search through the internet , and the is the best answer I get .

If you are running a business in your own name (sole trader) or in collaboration with others you must register the activity separately with HMRC , HMRC is the HM Revenue and Customs in UK , so that you pay the appropriate tax on your earnings. Your personal tax UTR is not accepted and one reason is because the income is not taxed at source by an employer.
Give your store a name.

Cj dropshipping does not provide UPC code . in later stage I will show you where to get this upc code.

When this done next bank account .i will assume that amazon will need my company”s bank account .
When u finish uploading just click on submit.and amazon will take about 2 business days to process .
I am not sure will my registration passed or not.

I will update you guys once I get an answer from amazon.

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