How To Start Shopee Dropshipping Business In Malaysia - With Dropshipmurah | Dropshipmme .

How To Start Shopee Dropshipping Business In Malaysia – With Dropshipmurah

How To Start Shopee Dropshipping Business In Malaysia - With Dropshipmurah

How To Start Shopee Dropshipping Business In Malaysia – With Dropshipmurah
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Hi guys , I am Weng Honn here ,if you are looking at starting a Shopee dropship business , this is the video for you .
There are a feww challenges that most beginner dropshiper will face when starting up . And among these problems are:
1) What prodcuts to sell
2) Where to get products to sell
3) How to start with lowest cost and risk possible
4) How to deal with long shipping duration
Last but not least , how to start run a store efficiently without spending long hours of products upload and editing ?
These are the 4 questions that I get very often from dropship beginner .
So , Weng what is the solution you got for this ?
There are a lot of ways to play with it , for a easy start for dropshipping with shopee ,you can go with
What actually is dropshipmurah ?
Dropshipmurah is a Malaysia based company that focus on helping people to start dropshipping business with the lowest cost and risk possible .
It is a 100% free platform for you to register use and integrate .
How does dropshipmurah actually works ?
There are more than 8 products categories that you can choose from . Products of dropshipmurah are ranging from home and living to ladies products .And dropshipmurah are adding new hot trending products from time to time .
Once you intergrated dropshipmurah with your shopee store, within a couple of clicks your products will be automatically uploaded to your shopee store, with complete title , description and also images.
You do not need to key in all the products details manually. So , for a newbie , this could save you tonnes of time . And also for those people that looking to start a partime business with shopee dropshipping , this is a perfect tool .
What about shipping timeframe.
As I mentioned just now , dropshipmurah is a local Malaysia based business, most of their products are ready stock . This means that you will not need to worried about long shipment like dropshipping from China.
Once you are integrated dropshipmurah with your Shopee store , all information will be sync between dropshipmurah with your shopee store , which include and not limited to stock level as well , invoices etc.
When you have an order , you do not need to do anything at all , dropshipmurah will receive notification that you have an order , and there will pick , pack and ship everything for you .
As long as you have sufficient credits inside your dropshipmurah account.
Literally once you done setting up your dropshipmurah account with with shopee , you can just focus on marketing to drive traffic to your store, and your store will be taken care by dropshipmurah .
If you like to learn about how to dropship with dropshipmurah , I am organizing a live training on this coming 17th 18th and 24th of October from 2pm to 4pm .
The fees for this training is RM99.
This programme is for those people that want to start their business with shopee dropshipping and start earning some good part time income .
Alright, sign up today , and I will see you soon.

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