10 Shopee Alternative Marketplace Ecommerce to Consider In Malaysia 2021 | Dropshipmme .

10 Shopee Alternative Marketplace Ecommerce to Consider In Malaysia 2021 l Weng Honn

10 Shopee Alternative Marketplace Ecommerce to Consider In Malaysia 2021

10 Shopee Alternative Marketplace Ecommerce to Consider In Malaysia 2021 l Weng Honn




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Marketplace # 1 Air Asia
Marketplace # 2 Bullmart
Marketplace # 3 Grabmart
Marketplace # 4 Lazada
Marketplace # 5 Facebook Marketplace
Marketplace # 6 Facebook Page
Marketplace # 7 Whatsapp
Marketplace # 8 Instagram
Marketplace # 9 Shopify
Marketplace # 10 Shopline

Hi guys I am Weng Honn here . So , everyone is talking about Shopee , how much money we can earn on shopee blah blah blah .

Well , no joke , Shopee memang boleh  buat duit . We cannot deny that.

But , as Warren buffet says “one should never put all one’s eggs in one basket” .

Now lets look at what are some of the 10 platforms that you can sell and expand your business.

If you only sell your products in one platform , and if something happen to this platform you business are gone.

If this platform sudden change their rules and regulation where your products cannot be sell at the platform anything you are gone.

Well , if you are doing very well now , and comfortable where you are at now , you are actually  at a very dangerous zone.

“It is the calm and silent water that drowns a man”

You wont sense what is coming as you are blinded by the current enjoyment .

So , before you get drowns make sure you get yourself ready , and expand your business as soon as possible before the storm come.

In this video I will be sharing 10 others platform in Malaysia that you can further put your eggs on .

If your business is already in a stable stage or you have a team to manage your business , my best advice is to extend out to others places , is good for your branding as well .

If you are a noobie just started your business , I will definitely suggest you to stick with Shopee and put in 101% on gear 5 to make some money first.

Ok , now lets look at what are the others 10 platform that you can use to further expand your business .

Marketplace#1 Air Asia

If you are a big brand owner , air asia might already have contacted you to list your products on their platform.

The platform enables travellers and non-travellers across ASEAN to choose from a bouquet of products across multiple categories such as Beauty, Fashion, Electronic & Gadgets, Liquor, Health & Wellness, Kids products, Confectioneries and exclusive AirAsia merchandise.

Marketplace #2 Bullmart

Bullmart is an very interesting marketplace apps .Well I should say more than just a marketplace .

It has referral feature , team commission for the buyers and also a lot of great marketing tool for seller to maximize their products sales.

I am currently working very closely with Bullmart if you would like to be part of the team , put teamwenghonn as your referral during sign up , and lets work together.

Launched in 2020, built on the idea of collaborative consumption, connects 3 key elements into it 1: Social, Community, and e-Commerce. Bullmart is designed to introduce a brand new Social-Commerce Sharing Platform+.

I will share more about bullmart in a standalone video .

Marketplace #3 Grabmart

Yes the famous Grab have their own mart aswell .In my opinion the top advantage of grab mart is that, it can Delivered in 30 minutes . which is something that fits into today”s market , where consumer do not mind to pay more to get their products as soon as possible .

Marketplace #4 Lazada

Oh well , I pretty sure that I do not need to introduce more about Lazada .

There are actually different in terms of customer base between Lazada and Shopee.

In general people that buy from Lazada are looking for more authentic products and ready to pay a higher price.

On the other hand , customer in Shopee in general are looking for products that are low in price.

Marketplace #5 Facebook Marketplace

In my opinion facebook marketplace is the most underrated marketplace to sell stuff .Facebook marketplace is such  a wonderful place for any sellers to make money with , and it is zero cost and no whatever transaction fees .

All you need to do is just list your products there, and reply when people PM you .Simple

Marketplace #6  Facebook Page

Do you know that you can set up a store using your facebook page as well?

Well , if your facebook page have a good amount of followers , you definitely want to start your store with your facebook page.

If you don’t have one now , you should start 1 today!

Marketplace #7 Whatsapp

Yes ! You can actually upload your products to your whatsapp !

I just realized this when one of my supplier texted me , when I check on his profile he has all his product listed on whatsapp. Damn cool.

However , you will need to install whatsap  business apps to use it.

Well , how effective is it , hmm , I doubt it will be better then online marketplace for now.lets see how it grow in the next 2 3 years.

Marketplace #8 Instagram

Yes , you can now set up a store using Instagram.

On last year July instagram roll out a dedicated Shop page under the Explore tab that’ll highlight different brands and items that people can purchase .

The Shop page will also give users personalized recommendations on things to buy, with everything being able to be purchased from within the app.

Marketplace #9 Shopify

I will highly recommend advance sellers to build their individual store for branding purpose and also for better customer retention. Shopify is a commerce platform host that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products.

You may want to ask , Weng why I want to set up my own store while I can sell on existing marketplace?

Apart from you have more freedom on managing your store and customer , with a stand alone webstore, you can have higher customer retention rate , more brand loyalty from your customer.


Marketplace #10 Shopline

Very similar with Shopify , Shopline is cater more towards to asia user , and the price is also cheaper than Shopline .

With shopline you can also sync your product from shopee .

Shopline  Was founded in year 2013 in Hong Kong

And 2015 it Expanded into the Taiwan market .

There have a office here in Malaysia as well , I have visited their office which is a super awesome workplace!

Alright , these are the top 10 places where you can expand or start your online business in Malaysia apart from Shopee .

Comment below , which platform that you are going to nail on your next project.

Talk to you soon. Take care.




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