NEW DROPSHIP 2021 For Dropshipping Malaysia 2021 - Bullmart Not Shopee | Dropshipmme .

🤑NEW DROPSHIP 2021🤑 For Dropshipping Malaysia 2021 – Bullmart Not Shopee


New Website For Dropshipping Business Malaysia 2021 – Bullmart




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Step 1 download your dropship product images
Step 2 Upload your product
Step 3 order your product
Step 4 Confirm order
Hei guys , I am Weng Honn here, so you have been dropshipping to Shopee or Lazada for awhile now , and your sales is declining due to heavy competition in these platform?
Let me introduce you a new marketplace where you can start making money with droshipping in Malaysia.
The website that I want to introduce to you all in this video is called Bullmart .
Bullmart recently getting a lot of traction due to their unique business model that able to help sellers in Bullmart to get more sales organically , I will share more about this later in this video.
Fundamentally Bullmart is just like Shopee/Lazada , it is a marketplace .
The special feature about Bullmart is that , it also has a unique referral feature as you can see over here , where referral bonus will be given when someone refer their friends to buy this product. So , instead of just relying on paid ads which will cause thousands of ringgit every month , you can build your own referral team that help to share your products ,and in return , they will get a certain commission for each successful transaction .
Now , before we start , it is very easy to register as a bullmart sellers .
I have leave the sign up link at the comment box below this video, make sure you click on the link to register.
Once you registered , a couple of things that you will need to set.
Click on seller center.
First one of course is the shipping.
Make sure that choose others , and set shipping fees. Normally shipping fees will be around RM5.90
Once you done this next step will be go to shop profile .
Make sure that you fill up everything here which include photos.
On merchant here , choose private sellers.
Next Bonus allocation . This is very important for those that want to build their own team to sell their products.
Cashback is the discount that buyers will get
Referral bonus is the commission that you give to your resellers for every successful sales.
Group bonus is the commission that your group members will get.
For those that want to build own team to sell their products , you can put referral bonus at the highest , then group bonus then cashback.
Next Before we upload any products , we first of course need to look for dropshipping products.
You can look at Shopee to find dropship supplier .
In this video I will show you how you can use savevalue2u to start dropshipping with savevalue2u.
Inside savevalue2u , you will get tonnes of products that you can start your dropshipping business.
For example , I want to dropship this products from savevalue2u Waterproof Anti-dust EVA Top Loading Washing Machine Cover
First step is to download all the images over here first.
Second, copy this title and go to add product in bullmart.
Select the right category.
Paste it on the title.
Copy the description from savevalue2u and paste it to your bullmart.
Specification you can put the spec of the products.
Price is RM 11.90 and members price is RM9.30 so you earn RM2.60 .
SKU you can put a random number.
Stock level just put 50 as savevalue has a lot of stock.
Now the disadvantage of using savevalue2u on bullmart is we need to manually check on the stock every now and then.
Next once you done scroll down ,upload your products images.
Weight ,put whatever weight that is given in savevalue2u , if not given , you can agak agak .
I will just put 0.5 over here.
Parcel size just copy from this cover size.
Shipping fees follow savevalue2u .
And click on save and publish.
So first half done.
Next what will you need to do , when you have sales?
First you will need to first top up credits , and all your purchase will get deducted from your credits.
Next all you need to do is just buy from savevalue2u .
Click on add cart.and check out.
Next on the left hand side over here Billing Details is you details and Shipping Details
Is your customer information.
Once you fill up everything scroll down make sure here is on delivery , select your location, chose your courier , and confirm order!
And savevalue2u will automatically sent this products to your customer!
Alright , you can use this method to start your new Bullmart dropshipping business in Malaysia in year 2021.
I hope this video able to help you , see ya.

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