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5 Steps Formula for Viral Youtube Videos 2022

5 Steps Formula for Viral Youtube Videos 2022

5 Steps Formula for Viral Youtube Videos

No matter what businesses you are running, Amazon, Shopee, life coaching, it is very important that you use social media like TikTok , youtube, and Instagram to drive traffic to your businesses.

Below are the 5 steps viral youtube video formula that you can use to create a video that may go viral.Thanks me later.

5 Steps Formula for Viral Youtube Videos

1. Answers a question, or evokes an emotional response.

The first part of this step is why “how-to” videos do so well on YouTube. Giving people information about things they are actively seeking. They have a question and you have an answer for them ! bang! Views increase.

2. Addresses a hot topic that people are searching for or talking about.

When there’s a trending topic floating around , there your chance to make a video about the trends and bomb! Views increase.

The top free tool to look for trending and hot topics is tubebuddy . It is by far the best free tool for youtube . You can install here for free.

3. Title, description, & video thumbnail are compelling and drive clicks.

In the description, this is where you tell people what’s in the video.If I don’t know what is inside , I wont click and watch it.

4. Video is short and sweet, ideally 2 minutes or less.

That why youtube shorts is here!!!

5. 4 reasons people share a video. Find one reason.

1. That source information and spark discussions

2. That others might find valuable

3. Because it aligns with their identity and how they want to be perceived

4. That maintain and grow relationships

Use this 5 steps and see your video bomb!!!!

hoo haa!!!

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