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Earn Money With Aliexpress Affiliate Programme – Review

Aliexpress plugin affiliate review

Aliexpress plugin affiliate review

Aliexpress Plugin Affiliate Review

What the heck Aliexpress Plugin Affiliate Programme really is ?

Just like others plugin, Aliexpress Plugin is a software that  adds features to a program to enable customization.

Sounds boring?

I bet you are!

In my opinion , the only things that attract me to use this affiliate plugin is that , it ables to generate money while you asleep !

Sounds too good to be true ?

This is not a 10k in 10 days programme . However , Aliexpress affiliate software is able to help you to start up your aliexpress business by doing below task :

  1. create a website automatically . A  site or sites (that’s up to you) that look and feel like Aliexpress .
  2. Aliexpress plugin affiliate programme  enables you to import products and deals on a daily basis. So ,when a customer makes a purchase ,you will get your commission for that sale . Yes even when you are sleeping !

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Sales on the 11.11.2017 achieved a breaking record of $25 Billion sales in just one day !

IMAGINE this , only 1% of the consumer shop at your aliexpress plugin affiliate programme , u earn $25000000 on that day alone !

Lets look at some statistic about the average sales on aliexpress :

  • Alibaba revenues up 61% to US$8.3T, annual active consumers grew to 488M in Q3 2017
  • Alibaba revenues up 61% to US$8.3T, annual active consumers grew to 488M in Q3 2017
  • Alibaba saw the revenue growth of 61% in Q3 2017 to 55,122 million yuan (US$8,285 million) and generated US$3.4 billion in non-GAAP free cash flow.
  • Revenue from core commerce increased 63% year-over-year to RMB46,462 million (US$6,983 million).
  • Revenue from cloud computing increased 99% year-over-year to RMB2,975 million (US$447 million).
  • Revenue from digital media and entertainment increased 33% year-over-year to RMB4,798 million (US$721 million).
  • Revenue from innovation initiatives and others increased 27% year-over-year to RMB887 million (US$134 million) –Chinainternetwatch

Imagine only a small 1% of customer buy from your  Aliexpress plugin affiliate web site ! It will be hundred of thousand or even moreeee !

You will be financial freedom very soon !


Numbers are numbers . There are tonnes of others aliexpress affiliate just like you . Without putting the hardwork into it , you will not reach any result .

In my opinion , Aliexpress plugin affiliate programme is definitely works . You need to run it just like others business . Stay focus , have a business plan ,marketing plan , and be ready to spent some money in order to get the bigger money in.

In order to run Aliexpress Plugin Affiliate programme ,you will need below software :

  1. wordpress or your current web site
  2. aliexpress plugin affiliate programme

Below is the video on how you can set up and install your aliexpress plugin affiliate programme.

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Install your Aliexpress Plugin Affiliate Programme here .